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  1. I'm going to probably wind up at QFC or Safeway tonight, but I was wondering if there was a better source for whole roasted chickens in Seattle (preferably between the U-District and Ballard). I sure miss Capon Rotissere! (If there was a previous thread on this, feel free to chastise me, I couldn't find it.)
  2. FoodieGirl - Sorry for the confusion. It was a Kink's reference.
  3. I noticed the pizza ovens have been installed at the Stone Way Tutta Bella. Now they need walls, floor, bathrooms, etc.
  4. One Way translates into Italian as "solo una direzione" "senso unico", and "unidirezionale". The Only Way (which would be a better name for a "snooty" coffee place) translates to "Via Solo" or "Via Solomente."
  5. I noticed more work being done on the Wallingford Tutta Bella. a peak inside shows little progress has been made.
  6. I had my first visit to Cafe Lago and I was mostly pleased. The pizza was delicious and the lightest I have ever had. the Caesar Salad was tasty though some of the lettuce was a bit limp. Once we were seated the wait staff was very attentive. My only complaint, which is minor since my friend and I came in without a reservation, is that I saw others waiting for a table offered beverages and my friend and I were not. Perhaps it's because we didn't have a reservation. I will probably go back, but I'll make a reservation next time.
  7. My friends and I had an excellent breakfast at Cafe Moose in Ballard. There was a bit if a wait because of the reviiw in the Times on Friday, and they were a bit overwhelmed because they only have one cook, but the staff were good humored and helpful. They have both traditional breakfast selections and several Mexican themed dishes, they also serve lunch at the same time and have a lot of interesting hamburgers (I'm going to have to go back to try one). The coffee was also excellent.
  8. That's sad because I moved to Wallingford so I could be closer to restaurants. I suspect the problem is parking. I think the city (or a neighborhood association) should buy places like the old Blockbuster, and build multi-story parking garages that are validated for people who shop in the neighborhood (I'd also like to do this to get parking of 45th because it shouldn't take an hour to go from the freeway to Aurora).
  9. Has Jitterbug re-opened yet? It's hard to tell as I am always going past it by bus.
  10. I noticed a new burger place in Ballard between Ben & Jerry's and Cupckae Royale called "Zak's: A burger joint." Has anyone tried it yet? (I was coming back from breakfast so didn't go).
  11. I wound up going to the Brooklyn for lunch (though I hope I get more suggestions...thanks so far). The Brooklyn is unique to the chowders I have had elsewhere. Besides being so damned tasty, it has an orange/red tint that I wonder if it's got a bit of tomato or carrot in it. It did have small orange bits in it, but it tasted like much of the rest of the chowder so I couldn't identify it. I wish I had their recipe. I wish the Ceasar Salad was as good. The lettuce was a bit wilty and it was more vinegary than I like. The thin croutons were a bit hard too. A question for Chef's: are you flattered or do you hate it when a customer who loves your food asks for the recipe? I know some places, like Chaisen's (sp?) gives out their chili recipe.
  12. I couldn't find a previous thread so I thought I'd start one. I love the clam chowder at the Brooklyn and though I haven't had it in a long time, I have fond memories of Duke's. I think the chowder at Ivar's and Spuds is no better than Skipper's or Campbell's. And the only other Seattle chowder I've had is in West Seattle at The Charlestown Street Cafe and their "Award Winning" chowder, which was not much better than Denny's. Any other good places around here??
  13. I think the thread title is confusing because I think WetInSeattle is thinking of the California Pizza Kitchen, not Xtreme Pizza (there's one at the North end of Broadway. I peaked inside and I didn't think it looked as good as Pagliaci's.
  14. I went for the first time this morning and it may become my Sunday morning coffee and pastry destination. I had an incredible Pane Au Chocolat (sp?) and I Vanilla Ice Latte.
  15. I like mine no bigger around than a CD and about as dark as maple syrup. I also like my butter whipped until it's soft.
  16. Tutta Bella (Stone Way) update: They have opaque platic sheeting over the windows, which I take as a good sign that there is construction going on. If anyone eats at the Columbia City location, casually ask when they think the Wallingford location will be open.
  17. Not really a restaurant closure but, Vern Fonk has emptied out their office in the Stone Way Center. I think it would be the perfect place for a restaurant.
  18. I was mixing up the two articles when I posted. Anyway, Blue C Sushi? For the same price you can get better sushi at any number of places.
  19. I'll give them a try. They're at a lot of stores including Whole Foods.
  20. I thought her last column for the P-I was a big F-U to the readers.
  21. Is she leaving the P-I? (I prefer Nancy Leson anyway).
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