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  1. I just ordered a snow cone maker and was wondering if someone could point me to a local store that had a lot of syrup choices (I'm assuming I would use the same type of syrup used for coffee drinks). I am especially interested in Black Cherry or Wild Cherry syrup.
  2. Pirassununga is one of three brands available in Washington State, Pitu and Ypioca Silver being the other two. Of the three, which one should I try first?
  3. When I was about 12, a guy down the street who was 15 or 16, asked me to raid my mother's liquor cabinet for $20. He said if I only took a little out of each bottle, she would never know (and since she didn't drink after my parent’s divorce, she never did). So into an empty, but not completely clean pickle jar, I remember putting in the following ingredients, in near-equal parts: Bacardi Light Rum Bacardi 151 Smirnoff 100 proof Vodka Chivas Regal Cutty Sark Black Velvet Beefeater Gin Wild Turkey B&B Kahlua Amaretto di Sarono Saki There was still room in the jar, but I ran out of booze, so I topped it off with some red wine vinegar. I gave the guy the jar and he gave me the $20 (which I spent on records, Wings Over America and Magical Mystery Tour) and a trip to A&W for some Mama burgers and root beer. I can only imagine how my concoction tasted, but I guess it did the job because the guy got so wasted, he fell out of a tree house and broke a leg and an arm. I’m lucky he didn’t rat me out. (BTW, I still have the records).
  4. Can you smoke capsaicin or shoot it directly in your veins? I like hot sauce and spicy foods, but what is the point in making something so hot you can't taste it, unless you are trying to get high? I've had a hot sauce buzz here and there, but have only got high on the stuff twice. Once at a Thai restaurant I asked for pepper on the side, and wound up putting two heaping tablespoons of ground red pepper on my garlic pork. And once I had a dish at Bruno's in San Francisco and it had some little Thai peppers in it, and this girl I was with challenged me to a pepper eating contest (we thaied). The high was great, but both times my stomach (and I'm being polite by saying "stomach") hurt for days.
  5. I usually celebrate my birthday with a dozen friends and over the years we've gone to the China Gate, Bush Gardens, and Pancho Villa's when we wanted to spend little, and to Waterfront, Palace Kitchen, the Met, and El Gaucho when we were willing to spend a lot.
  6. Another option is visit California where they have huge warehouse stores just for booze and party supplies. I couldn't believe the selection and prices these places had.
  7. I know it's not a beverage (but neither is a Three Musketeers) but I miss B&M beans in glass jars. I also miss the Diamond Coke can.
  8. It's weird, I hadn't tried a Dr. Pepper in over 30 years because I didn't like it when I was a kid. I was at a Taco Bell last week and they stopped selling Root beer (and I am trying to drink less Cola, because of potasium) so tried Dr. Pepper, and I think I liked it.
  9. I have a few thing I don't like, but others love (don't flame me): The Thanksgiving Tri-Fecta (Yams/sweet potatoes, Cranberry sauce, Creamed veggies) Berry sauces on/in cake (why ruin a perfectly good chocalate cake with a layer of jam in it?) The combination of cheese and mayo (which is why I almost never eat cheeseburgers) Raw tomatoes on sandwiches (salsa yes! plain unseasoned raw tomato, no!) Pears (they taste like faulty apples)
  10. The question should be, "What don't I butter?" I even butter butter!
  11. Sorry I'm going to miss the Salumi (I have meetings all day, but lunch is being catered). Jason, do you generally know what the special "Slices of the Day" are going to be ahead of time, or is at the whim of who ever's cooking? I confess to being a fan of Hawaiian and Mushroom Primo pies.
  12. Has anyone suggested "Chod" (pronounced Chode) yet?
  13. Jason, Can you tell us what the next Primo or seasonal special is going to be?
  14. I'm sorry if I wasn't being nice, honestly I wasn't trying to offend. It's just a lot of people complain about the lack of good NY- or Chicago-style eats in Seattle, but nobody does anything about it. If all the NY pizza lovers pooled their money maybe they could open up a place. I'd love to try authentic NY pizza (or Chicago Deep Dish, or New Orleans Cajun/Creole, or regional BBQ) but #1, I can't afford to go, and #2 I'm on dialysis and can't leave Seattle anyway).
  15. There are several wine shops close to the U, but I can't vouch for them since I don't drink. In Wallingford City Cellars Fine Wines 1710 N 45th Seattle, WA 98103 - 6855 (206) 632-7238 In Sandpoint La Cantina Wine Merchants 5436 Sandpoint Way NE Seattle, WA (206) 525-4340 Lake City Le Savoir-Faire Wine Cellars Lake City Way & 81st Seattle, WA 98115 - 4308 Ravenna McCarthy & Schiering Wine Merchants 6500 Ravenna Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115 - 7041 (206) 524-9500 In Ballard Portalis Wine Shop & Wine Bar 5310 Ballard NW Seattle, WA 98107 - 4060 (206) 783-2007 Wine Shop On 24th The 5903 24th NW Seattle, WA 98107 - 3207 (206) 783-5996 (206) 729-5988
  16. I only mention it here because somewhere in these 23 pages the conversation started. I finally tried Matt's Famous Hot Dogs (the one in the University District) the other day. I got an Original Dog and a Polish Sausage, both with just a bit of yellow mustard. I liked them both, but the Hot Dog was surprisingly tastier than the Sausage. My one quibble was that the poppyseed rolls seemed soggy, I suspected they got wet during the steaming process. Service was fine, there was just me and another customer on a Tuesday lunch hour. If it hadn't been so cold I would have taken the dogs to go, but instead I sat on a barstool at the window. With a Coke and chips I spent about $6. More than I would spend at AM/PM but less than Safeco Field. The next time I have a craving for a hot dog, I'll give Matt's another try (I might try the one in Ballard).
  17. I had a great lunch at the Pagliacci on the Ave (and got to meet Jason who was Primo busy making pies). I had a slice of the Salumi Primo and a slice of the Super Mushroom (and a free Root Beer thanks to knowing the answer to tdoay's "Question of the Day", which I get right about 80% of the time). I think people who don't like P's fall into two camps: Pizza snobs who've been to NYC or Chicago and refuse to endorse any pizza outside those areas, or pizza know-nothings who think Godfathers is fine dining. Though there are a few sit down places I like better for a whole pie (Pazzo's comes to mind) I think Pagliacci (Particularly the one on the Ave) is the best place for a couple quick slices and a soda, and I haven't found a delivery place that's any better.
  18. I'm going to have to cheat and name four. 1) Vodka 2) Rum 3) Kahlua 4) Amaretto
  19. Once again I invite one of you ex-New Yorkers or Chicagoans to open up a "real" pizza joint. Until then Pagliacci will do for me (though Pazzo's on Eastlake is the best!)
  20. I haven't been to a Starbucks in awhile (for no reson other than Tully's makes great milshakes and I now make my own coffee at work) so this is news to me: Starbucks servers breakfast Are any of the Seattle outlets serving these sandwiches and are they any good (compared to McDonalds, not a Tom Douglas-type restaurant).
  21. This is probably old news, but I was surfing the net, bookmarking food and restaurant webpages, and noticed that Burk's Cafe in Ballard is (or has already) closed. It wasn't the greatest cajun place, but Seattle has too few anyway.
  22. Someone I work with said The Longshoreman's Daughter closed. Any confirmation?
  23. I always order the same three things (plus anything interesting unique to the particular sushi bar). Rainbow Roll-because it's the most economical as you get a California Roll covered in sashimi. A Shrimp Tempura Roll Salmon Skin Roll
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