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    Fried Turkey

    You like 4th of July and explosions. Water of any kind anywhere and hot oil do not ever mix. I would not brine, but I would make sure it's totally dry all over in and out.
  2. And at $20 a pop these are bound to improve someone's micro-economy. It doesn't even include the price of the bottle. I'll take Lexan over other plastics any time but gimme good old 18/10 stainless steel and I'll be much happier. ← Here you go http://www.campmor.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...mberId=12500226
  3. I have a press made out of Lexan for camping.
  4. Thanksgiving at The General's Daughter. I can't wait.
  5. Go volunteer somewhere and have a really good bottle of wine and dessert when you get home. Warms the heart and feeds the soul.
  6. Santi in Geyserville comes to mind. Not living up there , I'm at a loss although Cyrus and Zin come to mind. I'd avoid Willi's raw bar, personal observation, based upon eating in all their places.
  7. Fresh ground Peets coffe. Electric drip. 2 cups. Baileys Irish cream on the weekends.
  8. Perhaps for some, for some of us it's an extension of our hands. I don't want to think about getting used to other knives than what I use.
  9. Cheap plastic garbage can, add keg, add ice = cold beer.
  10. So I get a call Monday from one of the partners and he tells me we're picking the late harvest Wednesday. Seems they had left a row of the white so we could make a dessert wine. Picked and pressed we have 30 gal of 31 brix Sauvignon Blanc/ Semillon. Oh boy, dessert wine.
  11. If your staying in Yountville, Cyrus is at least 1.5-2 hours away on small 2 lane roads. Eat at Cyrus = Stay in Healdsburg.
  12. Global knives have a different angle than other knives. Go with what they tell you.
  13. I had lunch today at a new place in Petaluma, Grafitti. Excellent food. I had the crab cakes. http://www.graffitipetaluma.com/
  14. Well..........aren't you going to tell us what's on the menu???? ← I'll be dining at The Generals Daughter in Sonoma. Perhaps Preston could post the menu. Let's say it's California cusine with a southern twist. Stone ground creamy grits with wild mushrooms lemon and thyme and the Butter braised turkey breast, leg confit, spoonbread, truffle sauce, are a couple of choices. Along with Fried apple pies.
  15. All I would ask is that if you do business, are a friend, work there or other associated with the place tell me. I don't need you name or identity. But let us know if you have an interest in the subject at hand.
  16. Ok. I'll tell you all a secret, I have a vested interest in promoting the City of Sonoma. I hate the Tourists and the traffic. But If you don't come all the great restaurants and wineries will go away. I'm outed.
  17. Just got the menu of where I'm dining off the fax. O boy is this gonna be good.
  18. It all comes down to are you a poster or a shill? Some anonymous posts lead me to believe that there is a vested interest that is not being disclosed. If I tout a restaurant or a winery and am associated with it I will let you know. If I know the chef or winemaker I will let you know that also. It does a disservice to the rest of us if you don't disclose affiliations in advance. I would never ask someone to out themselves. But at least let us know if you have a vested interest.
  19. Between the top of the refer and the upper cabinet. Flat and easy to get to.
  20. Papadakis taverna for greek food in San Pedro was a favorite of mine when I was down that way. It's been at least 10 years though.
  21. I bought a Forschner set of 3 forged knives at my local resturant supply. 10"chefs, 8" slicing and a paring knife for $99, to take camping with me. Great stuff, let's me leave the really good stuff home.
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    See this link. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=44524&st=0
  23. The cheapest stamped knives from your local resturant supply house are better that those knives.
  24. Perhaps sir you should reveal who you are as you seemed to have shown up suddenly as the defender of this book. I am merely a poster here and have a slight history. I really have little interest in this thread as I know none of the participtants. But to me you seem a little out of line.
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