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  1. Touching someone is the kiss of death. Your gone, period. It's called battery, as in Assault and Battery. "A battery is the willful or intentional touching of a person against that person’s will by another person, or by an object or substance put in motion by that other person. Please note that an offensive touching can constitute a battery even if it does not cause injury, and could not reasonably be expected to cause injury. A defendant who emphatically pokes the plaintiff in the chest with his index finger to emphasize a point may be culpable for battery (although the damages award that results may well be nominal). A defendant who spits on a plaintiff, even though there is little chance that the spitting will cause any injury other than to the plaintiff's dignity, has committed a battery".
  2. Sounds like a job for Pizza Delivery Man.
  3. Gin and orange bitters. Makes my day.
  4. I've had some of that. Not bad stuff but I no longer drink beer.
  5. Try making a Kir out of it.
  6. He hit Olympia, Ranch House BBQ 10841 Kennedy Creek Road Southwest, Olympia, WA 98512
  7. Sold around here in what's called an ethnic market. Lotsa good stuff to be found in them.
  8. [quotfiggirl,Sep 9 2005, 11:08 AM] ??? Not sure I understand... ← Boy - winesonoma - your opinions are offensive and hurtful, Maybe I am being thin-skinned right now, but a lot of hard work, thought and money went into building our custom red oak (not plywood) cheese bar. Luckily, opinions like yours don't stop us from trying out new things. Though I don't expect everyone to like everything we do there are certainly constructive ways of stating your opinion. I love Sonoma, I love our restaurant community and I truly appreciate all of the hard work that all of the restaurants are doing on a day to day basis. We all work very hard, live this life 24 hours a day and sharp, biting remarks hardly support a community feeling or a sense of maturity . Sondra "figgirl" Bernstein ←
  9. Thanks for the reports. I think I'll stay in town.
  10. Noahs Bagels are offensive. Boy did they change over the years. Not a bagel anymore. Yuck.
  11. If you do go to Healdsberg and to Willi's Raw Bar do not order the lobster roll. Never in 30 years have I ever felt so ripped off. Fill the bun 3/4 with lettuce and mayo, put on top a small helping of Lobster in garlic butter. $13. It's cold with mayo or hot with butter folks, but not both and gimme some lobster. I am now convinced that all their places are a rip-off and I have eaten at all of them. Much better places to eat in the county than there.
  12. I think that the wine bar is now open. Come to the Petanque courts at Depot Park and we'll teach you how to play. Wed afternoons.
  13. Excellent choice. Deuce is also very good. Garden Court for breakfast in Glen Ellen.
  14. Expand your horizons in town. I would only go to La Haye myself, not the others.
  15. I have one of these and love it. http://www.briansbelly.com/shoppingblock/a...put_templates=2
  16. I had a bottle of Henri Bardouin Pastis the other day that was corked. Back it went for a new one.
  17. Just remembered this one. http://geysersmokehouse.biz/
  18. ??? Not sure I understand... ← A rather large cheaply made plywood thing has appeared in the bar waiting room area of a classy old place. Couches are gone and access to the Patio is somewhat restricted. A cheesy cheese bar in my opinion.
  19. A new tacky looking cheese thing has appeared in The Girl and The Fig. What were they thinking? A wonderful space ruined. Yuck.
  20. Jerome's Mesquite Bar-B-Que tel. +1 707.795.2114 1390 North McDowell Boulevard Petaluma, CA 94952
  21. Don't forget that Propane and natural gas are 2 different things. Most ranges will have to be converted to propane if that is what you have. Just a general comment, not specific to anyones situation.
  22. This suprises you? It's how business is done. When I was a contractor I bought on the first week of the month because I used their money for 30 days. They all do it and it's part of the contract. Beware of fast food and mini marts because they will put a hold for 30 days.
  23. I have an aluminum case that holds 4 martini glasses, a shaker,orange bitters, a small vermouth, onions and olives and a bottle of Gin. Add ice and off we go, it lives in my truck.
  24. My reply would be what can you eat? We don't serve that, Goodbye.
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