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  1. My first thought would be to add sugar, which would help combat the acidity of the tomatoes which is what you're tasting. Don't overdo it though. Of course the first response is "make your own sauce" but it's not always tomato season. You can go halfway and use the whole peeled stuff (run it through a food mill or the like to get the seeds out and mash it up a bit) and make your own -- it really doesn't need to cook for all that long. ← Add grated carrot not sugar, Works every time.
  2. winesonoma

    Lawnmower Beer

    Made in Latrobe Pennsylvania, birthplace of Arnold Palmer, Final resting place of Mr Rogers.
  3. Enjoy! ← That's the county not the town. Still we have a lot to offer in town.
  4. Be sure to buy a Knife and a Corkscrew when you go. That's what the town is famous for.
  5. Well spit it out. Glass, label, bottling, shipping, profit says the wine is $ .20 in the equation.
  6. Drink red wine with a mustache. You should see my keyboard and my shirts. 55 gallons of Wine Away in the garage. I wear the color Burgundy all the time now
  7. It has been sold to the Chef and bartender. Vaquero site no longer will be a restaurant, but will become office space.
  8. Maya is for sale. It's still open.
  9. Farting and Belching on the other are to be announced.
  10. Farms grow things in dirt and Ranch's grow thing's that walk around. We settled this argument a long time ago. Grapes is farming, I do it.
  11. Chateau d'eau doen't happen to ahve a restaurant with a newly hired chef de cuisine moving from NYC soon does it? ← No, unfortunately. We have 5 chefs each with a specialty. We all cook then eat on the deck overlooking the valley and drink large amounts of wine.
  12. winesonoma

    Sirloin tip roast

    Add fat with a larding needle, put additional fat tied on top 325-350 for one hour, check temp, 125 for rare, rest and slice very thin. Good roast beef.
  13. And it's 2 lane country roads.
  14. 45 minutes to 1.5 hours is more like it on travel time. 20 minutes gets you to Glen Ellen or Kenwood.
  15. Vaquero closes on Sunday. The old Paitti reopens on June 2 with a new name El Dorado Kitchen. Ryan Fancher formerly of the French Laundry is head chef. Calif-French-Mediterranen on the menu. Generals Daughter has reopened and is quite good. Dying because of rent prices on the square. Deuce is very good down on Broadway. PM me with specific questions, it's my home town.
  16. Where the hell do you work?!! I think that would terrify me more than anything. I would definitely be looking at my co-workers a little sideways after that. Yikes!!!! ← Heh. Our place used to have a full-blown biological research lab, water quality lab and general chemistry lab. One never knew when one would open the refrigerator and find dead sparrows, fish parts, or jars with mystery materials. Eventually the Management sprang for an "R&D" fridge so the science experiments would stay separate from the food. ← Those scientists really get upset when you eat their stuff.
  17. Don't miss the Frank Family Winery, just north of St Helena. Be sure to read the historic plaque I put up last year. Real friendly people and great wine. Eat at the Martini House in St Helena.
  18. Eat at Cafe Le Haye or La Sallette
  19. Sorry, I've been busy. I'll try to get over there this week
  20. The larger ones are almost to big to hold in one hand.
  21. Where are you staying? The town or the county?
  22. Do you have a website? To post as links?
  23. Belt sand to clean it up, keeping in mind that a belt sander has to be kept moving or it will gouge. Them mineral oil till it won't take any more.
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