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  1. As a carpenter the rule was don't touch my edged tools, Don't touch my tools, you risk losing a hand if you touch my tools. We all understood it. If I really trusted you I might let you borrow one, but more likely I'd tell you where to buy one.
  2. Stab their hand to the board with a fork?
  3. I once knew a man who was late getting out of Prison cause he needed to shower and got up late. I kid you not, true story.
  4. Make what you want for yourself and give her the chicken breast every nite. I lived with a vegitarian/almost vegan. I ate what ever I wanted and let her fend for herself as I eat meat and lots of it.
  5. As a contractor, myself, you seem to be way late on the electric. He should have been one of the first. ← My contractor is his brother and we've talked about what is needed. It's really not too too much in the way of electric and I trust them so we'll see how it goes. ← Keep us informed.
  6. Count five glasses to a bottle. All the other questions require more information - how much drinking do you expect, for which ages and sex and general habits within your culture would be handy. What do you mean by "mid-price"? To me that would be $15 to $25/btl, but that varies a lot. There is a *lot* of pretty decent Cal PN floating around in the lower price ranges, but I have no idea what would be on your list... That's probably the starting point: can you post it, or at least the wines you'd consider, in terms of price, grape, etc.? ← Where on the west coast? And you can always take the unopened home. PM me.
  7. As a contractor, myself, you seem to be way late on the electric. He should have been one of the first.
  8. I would have cut some other things off. Where do you find these people? Did not someone kill them for you?
  9. It's amazing what google can do. http://www.chezpanisse.com/
  10. Sweetbreads are the Thymus gland of young animals. In some species it disappears with age.
  11. Reminds me of the story of the young lady who was always late for work. Her supervisor discussed this with her and said you realize everyone see's you come through the door late every day. She replied oh! which door do you want me to use so they don't notice?
  12. winesonoma

    Dinner disasters

    Made a Beef Carbonades with Lambic in unseasoned cast iron. Eat that and you will never have to take iron in your diet. Lucky it was just for me in my early days as a cook.
  13. I heard that Pastis 51 may now be available in the states. Any news?
  14. Unbelievable! Did you ever see these people again? What made you think that they weren't great hosts before you went? ← Are they still alive?
  15. I'd like to rent this table for the night. How much do you usually make in tips? Thanks I'll give you 20% over that, so I can rent this table.
  16. winesonoma

    Grilled Cheese

    Yesterday I had a tuna melt, with what I discovered upon checkout was really expensive. But it was so good that's all I'll buy now. Tuna, Toma, Tomatos.
  17. Number of minutes one is willing to wait on a chronically late friend: 5 Number of his keys in your possession: 34 -? Number of weeks in possession of his keys: 10 Making him suffer for his rudeness: priceless I've been thinking about this ever since you posted it, and I applaud you. How satisfying it must have been! I probably would have wimped out after a couple of weeks, and made it easy on him. I love it that you just hung in there, as long as it took for him to figure it out. ← Remember that he set all the times and places. I was doing him a favor.
  18. Since putting on a pair of Dasko's 5 years ago that's all I ever wear. Lower back pain is gone. Try some and throw all other shoes away.
  19. winesonoma

    Grilled Cheese

    An excellent use for less-than-summer-quality tomatoes! I like to add fresh thyme and chives from from my winter garden. I'd add a red-leaf and avacado salad with a balsamic vinaigrette. Winter food is wonderful. ← Summer requires BLT's and tomato bread salads.
  20. winesonoma

    Grilled Cheese

    It's raining and generally miserable out so it look like it's Bacon, tomato and cheddar grilled cheese, with soup for dinner. Time for more grilled cheese. What's your current favorite?
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