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  1. Now at UCSF on O2. Cannot eat due to mask, living on Chocolate Hi Protein shakes. Test then Hopefully the Procedure. I'll be back with reports as I can. Wish me well I need it. Bruce
  2. winesonoma

    Riedel glasses

    Best place I found. Good people, good service, good prices. http://www.winestuff.com/
  3. The fruit salad was canned tonight and the tuna was cremated. My cat would have turned it down. Tomorrow's dinner will be Crab Cannelloni from a favorite restaurant and red wine. I must make some calls to get better food from my friends.
  4. More fruit salad and cottage cheese, chocolate cake. Apple juice. Gettin slim at the same time, who can beat it.
  5. Luck I'm gonna need. I'm afraid it's kinda serious and I'm in for a long haul.
  6. Good fruit, fresh and tasty. Rest looks kinda bland. May get to try a new place soon, not home though.
  7. New shipment must have come in. Apples, Strawberries, Oranges, Grapes. Fruit salad looking up. Tortaleini a la panna to be delivered tonight.
  8. Dinner, New York Strip ordered Rare, I think they put it on at lunch and took it off for dinner service, inedible, my dog would send it back. Healthy choice Mac & Cheese, what can one say? Chocolate cake again is the winner if you don't count the Kenwood red the GF brought to supplement the 4-oz of red allowed. Some one better bring take out tomorrow.
  9. Lunch, Philly cheese steak,looked good, totally devoid of any flavor. Fruit cup and Cottage cheese. Mostly pinneaple,some green melon, they must be running out of grapes as there was one. Cheap bland cottage cheese. Chocolete cake was the highlight. On to dinner.
  10. I am currently sampleing the food at Sonoma Valley Hospital. Fruit plate and cottage cheese have been a staple after seeing the fake bacon. that even a dog would reject. Talked the Doc into red wine with dinner 4oz, GF smuggled in a bottle so dinner was barely tolerable. Overcooked marinated chicken breast, healthy choice mac &cheese, wierd cheesecake. I'll continue to sample as the week progresses, luckilly I can have food brought in.
  11. winesonoma

    Napa's Muddy Mess

    Vines are dormant now, should dry up pretty quick. I see no problems with any of the vineyards. End of next month when they wake up could be a problem, if we get more water.
  12. I second the Knife Merchant good people and superior service.
  13. I'd return it and avoid the place in the future. Let's face it new is new, junk is junk.
  14. Not being allowed to cook. Gas range and since monday I'm on oxygen. No open flames.
  15. I'd try for the beef fat, bacon will add that smokey taste and I for one would not like that at all on a rib roast.
  16. Meyers Restaurant supply Santa Rosa, also Castino Supply in Rohnert Park.
  17. I have no children and have no wish to be around other peoples. Please do not subject me to them in what is obviously an adult setting. There are places to take them, fine restaurants in my opinion don't qualify.
  18. Proud to be a non breeder also.
  19. Antennas are at RCA Beach on Point Reyes. Light House is a better destination, but doesn't sound like there is any time for anything but driving. If it was me I'd blow off anything south of the Golden Gate and relax a bit.
  20. I'd opt for a romantic dinner for 2. Kids with a sitter.
  21. Could buy some nice wine or a decanter for $50.
  22. I remember the calamari at Little Napoli. Great place.
  23. Appears it will be called The Harvest Moon Cafe, owned by James Demerest
  24. Visit Frank Family Vineyards on Larkmead Ln just north of St Helena. http://www.frankfamilyvineyards.com/index.jsp
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