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  1. It will be interesting to see what was in there.
  2. Most supermarkets of the high end variety have the kind in the wooden box, in the fish section. I get mine at LaSalette in Sonoma.
  3. I had a chefs choice but as I got better knives, I went to an edge pro system. Girlfriend loves the chefs choice.
  4. Wellington makes a nice one. http://www.wellingtonvineyards.com/index.html
  5. Yeh well we dont sit still too long.. Our base was Gloucester.. ← Did you make it to Rockport?
  6. I thought you said Gloucester, not Essex. Did you get lost?
  7. Good marketing. I paid $57 for a heritage turkey 2 years ago and it was spectacular. Bourbon red.
  8. They make a number of different lines. http://www.sitramcookware.com/products.htm
  9. We pick into 5 gal buckets which get dumped into a pickup lined in plastic. Bucketed out to the stemmer/crusher, bucketed into the press, pumped into the barrel. We did 2 tons of white in 4.5 hours, with hired help (3 guys). Crushed, pressed and cleaned up by 4:30. If we and our friends picked we would have ended at midnite. Rate for picking is $14 an hour. Well worth it. http://homepage.mac.com/winesonoma/PhotoAlbum20.html
  10. That's my favorite thing to do with it. I usually borrow another and do it 2 handed.
  11. Grapes sometimes ripen unevenly. You pick what's ripe, then sometimes you go for what's called second crop. As an amateur we pick it all and hope it balances out. But we make it for ourselves and don't sell it. They want quality, we will take quantity up to a point.
  12. winesonoma

    Muscovy Duck

    If a drunken duck behaves anything like a drunken bluejay, I'm not sure I'd want to be the person picking 'em up. ← They kinda fall over.
  13. How heavy is it? My butchers cleaver will cut apart just about anything. The chinese style is more a knife.
  14. winesonoma

    Muscovy Duck

    This works for pheasant, try it for ducks. Crack dried corn and soak in whiskey. Put out for ducks. Pick up drunk ducks, put in cages, fatten, prepare and eat.
  15. Marys pizza shack on the plaza or the red grape pizza on 1st street west. Even better would be to go to Pizzera Capri on Broadway and then to Train town next door. http://www.traintown.com/, http://www.theredgrape.com/
  16. With any luck the gloves never touch the blade, strictly finger insurance. Mine are kevlar and I doubt they would affect the blades.
  17. And the winners are http://northbay.pressdemocrat.com/apps/pbc...GORY=NORTHBAY02
  18. We will be picking the white on Monday and I hope to get some pictures. It's been a busy year for me.
  19. Depends what your doing. Waffle cut potatoes cannot be made with a guard as you have to turn them 90 degrees every cut. A useful site. http://fantes.com/bron_mandoline.htm#varied
  20. Sounds like a plan. But don't forget that you have to go to the city and back twice. unless he takes the Vallejo ferry.
  21. Well, my question may make you feel better: What's a mouli-legumes? Is it what we call a food mill over here? If so, you might have it assembled incorrectly (I don't know how, but perhaps the spring tension isn't right, or the bottom is on upside down) or, more importantly, it might not work properly. The first food mill I bought had lovely smooth stamped holes in the bottom (sieve) part. They were so smooth that the food passed over them without being torn. I got tomato puree, watermelon puree, you name it out in little dribs and drabs just as you describe. The bottom of the food mill has to feel rough to the touch, because those rough edges have to catch and tear the stuff you're moving around the sieve. There might be other reasons too, that I'm not thinking of. Finally, I might be thinking of the wrong implement altogether. So you see, your question isn't as daft as you think! Do you have a photo you can post of your mouli-legume? ← "the Mouli-Legume is a french cooking instrument that is a cross between a sieve and food mill. It grind the food quickly into a coarse or fine texture".
  22. Plan on a minimum of $500 for all day from the city. 1-2 hours coming up and 1-2 hours getting back. Better you should stay up here and tour from here. Feel free to pm questions.
  23. You need gloves. http://www.chefdepot.net/bonesaw.htm
  24. It's because they can or the law makes them. Some are just greedy, as in the difference between Napa, where they charge and Sonoma where they don't, generally speaking. There are exceptions.
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