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    Oil oil oil oil

    Try a vehicle sitting in the sun for 8 hours, said vehicle having three bags of trash, largely consisting of fish guts and dirty diapers. Only for the strong of stomach. We drove around in that vehicle for an entire winter (in Minnesota, no less) with windows open. But, that's a whole 'nother story.
  2. Well I quit today again. Ran out. Mostly cough to much in the morning. Had a little for two weeks. Food cravings are now considerably more expensive now. Foie Gras ; new place in town ,onion soup, more cheese, dim sum, oysters. Gotta give it up.
  3. I got my Edge Pro and I'm now looking to replace my Steel. Currently using a regular cut Dick. Would a superfine be in order or a polish? Who makes ceramic "Steels". Any tips please? Also Left handed Japanese knives are made by Masahiro.
  4. Cheap cookware+ cheap stove causes rocking. Falk has an introductry special That I recomend. I got and 6" frypan and later a 6" sauce pan for about $99 apiece. Great Stuff
  5. My Mother wasn't a bad cook; hit about 60%of the time. Then I move to Calif. and the first visit; Whats that ? Lamb butterfiled on the BBQ with Garlic and a red wine marinade. do you have mint jelly? awfully rare. So much garlic (we have calif vampires). try it. That's LAMB, yes. She had never actually tasted lamb before only over cooked mutton from her mother and she cooked the same way. Always let me cook when I came to visit.
  6. The vermouth I use is handcrafted here in Calif. King Eider Premium Dry Vermouth made by Duckhorn vineyards
  7. Mother never forgave me for melting her favorite teapot on the stove. Try melting a stainless pot with aluminum disc in bottom. Pics available
  8. Any else make Martini's with orange bitters and Plymouth or Citidel Gin
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