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  1. If you want high heat and have a patio or deck this is the way to go. A nice supplement to an inside stove. http://www.campchef.com/products/product_category.php?cat=2
  2. I have one reserved for reservations and the internet. Easy to track.
  3. Love to hear what you've found out about items 2 and 3. Has any one had experience with this manufacture? Repair history? 2 is the problem. i have a wood cabinet hanging about 24" above the stove directly to the left, and the contractor who would be doing the installation says that's trouble. i know prizer-painter recommends getting a hood one size larger than the stove (e.g. 36" hood for 30" stove) just for reassurance. but from what i've read i don't think that's necessary if you have the air-moving capacity you need and no cabinet sitting right there. ← It's a problem with a high heat burner, hold your hand above a burner turned on, then put a pot on and the heat goes sideways, then up.
  4. winesonoma


    Who uses frozen spinach? Fresh is always available.
  5. It's local humor as no one seems to be able to tell the difference between the two places.
  6. The restaurant in question is in St Helena, Napa county. Please do not confuse it with Sonoma County, where we make wine, Napa makes auto parts. Apologize to Healdsburg.
  7. Bass-o-matic. "Then you need a Bass-o-matic, as advertised on the original Saturday Night Live in the late 1970's. here's a description I found on Google." "i just saw the bassomatic ad on a saturday night live rerun show. very funny and exceedingly gross. it was a blender that you put a bass in (which dan ackroyd did for the skit) so that you could get all the nutrients of the fish without scaling or fileting. then you would just drink it. bleecchh!"
  8. My girlfriend has a neighbor who is a kitchen designer. Over drinks they got to talking and now 3 months later she is halfway into her new kitchen(waiting for countertops). The designer came up with things that I would never have thought of and I was a carpenter/contractor for 30 years doing this. Have Daddy-A fly in for dinner.
  9. i wish i knew what "bar keepers friend" is. there must be a danish equivalent, i guess. hmm. but thanks anyway ← http://www.barkeepersfriend.com/products.htm
  10. Tell us about Granite and soapstone Daddy A. You the man.
  11. My local guy for the classics. http://www.classicranges.com/index.html
  12. Review in yesterdays Press Democrat. http://www.northbay.com/foodwine/dining/Fi...fm?RestId=13418
  13. Pernod is more yelloy and a bit more intense. Richard is a little mellower and lighter in color. Seek out Henri Bardouin for the best in Pastis.
  14. I dunno, Soba. Five posts about McDonald's burgers almost right in a row? Sounds a bit to me like you're "jonesing". Aren't the sides of your mouth sort of watering at the thought of having a Double Cheeseburger RIGHT NOW?! ← No, he's a BK addict.
  15. winesonoma

    Heirloom tomatoes

    most, if not all of the breeds that you know under the confusing name "heirloom tomato" have been "developed" in europe... ;-) cheers ← That is absolutely not true. There are some, even many, developed in Europe. But there are plenty, if not most that I'm interested in, that were developed in the Americas. ← You go, Gordo.
  16. "THE LOOK" That still would put the fear of God into me. Boy do I remember that.
  17. winesonoma

    Heirloom tomatoes

    most, if not all of the breeds that you know under the confusing name "heirloom tomato" have been "developed" in europe... ;-) cheers ← I stand corrected.
  18. A very large, heavy butchers cleaver. It had been abused and needed repair. I fixed the handle, bead blasted and sharpened it. It could cut up an entire cow. I just love it. $1.00.
  19. I'd have to truthfully state that I haven't had an LIIT in at least 20 years. I guess that that's an answer in itself. And, dear Divalasvegas, I guess that also means you'd find me a lot less fun than I was back in the day. Ah, well. ← On the contrary Splificator I'm quite confident that you as well as winesonoma, like fine wine, have only improved with age. But back to the subject at hand, I was wondering if what also made for a poor, Godawful LITT was the use of rail liquor. I'm not saying that I would use the most expensive gin, tequila, vodka and rum, but would you say taking a step or two above the usual suspects would make a difference? And what specific brands would constitute a cut above? For instance, should one use Smirnoff for the vodka portion of the drink or should one venture further and use Absolut, which I'm sure many here would say is a waste? Finally, my apologies Grub. I meant to say simple syrup, not "simple sugar" as previously posted. ← I only know of Gin, Pastis, Campari and wine these days. Not a bad combo. Over the course of the weeks , no doubt.
  20. winesonoma

    Heirloom tomatoes

    I agree BLT is the way to go. Neiman Ranch Bacon if you can get it.
  21. winesonoma

    Heirloom tomatoes

    I beg to differ as tomatos came from the new world. A US source. http://www.tomatofest.com/ also http://www.heirloomtomatoplants.com/
  22. I'd have to truthfully state that I haven't had an LIIT in at least 20 years. I guess that that's an answer in itself. ← I've never had one. I was commenting on the Bar, which it seems is now gone.
  23. I spent many a nite passed out in the parking lot at The Oak Beach Inn in the early 1970's.
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