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  1. I always shop hungry, otherwise my house is empty.
  2. Or the young checker who decided that mushrooms were mushrooms. Chantreles at $1.99 a pound. Told the GF to go buy the rest and which checker to use.
  3. It's North Beach, The bookstore is City Lights and Hess Winery and art Gallery is in Napa. Musta moved a long time ago or have your memory checked.
  4. Your a better man than me, Gunga Din. You are in way over your head. However persevere and move forward, make sure the checks are good. Experience is the best teacher. Remember that in every venture the man with the money has the experience and the man with the experience gets the money. Fly to Italy on their dime so you can see first hand what they want.
  5. We got together again last weekend, Menu was, Fri dinner Chili, pork chops, salad, icecream. Sat Breakfast scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit, V8, orange juice, coffe. Lunch was hot dogs, Macaroni or potato salad, with full range of condiments. Dinner was NY steak, salad, chili, dinner rolls, corn on the cob, ice cream. Sunday breakfast was scrambled eggs, ham, hashbrowns and juice as on Sat. 457 people fed at each meal. In the middle of the desert. Sure was fun.
  6. Be very careful ordering from these people. My first shipment was damaged and the next was the wrong product. More later when I can actually talk to them.
  7. Please, tell us what you really mean! ← "GIN"
  8. We in the Bay Area are very hurt you did not ask us.
  9. That makes it a Sidecar. Properly drunk out of a sidecar attached to a high powered motorcycle.
  10. Some people think it's the name of a glass not a drink. Fuck them. Gin dammit, it's Gin I say.
  11. I realize that it is a lost battle in small town's, except that I had the BEST biscuits and gravy and the Best Fish&Chips in Bouse AZ. I was there for the weekend. Kinda off the beaten track. Maybe the desert made me crazy.
  12. I have a trip the end of the month and Toliver, bless his heart provided me with places that will work on this one. But what about Ely NV, Montana, Idaho. When you really are out there?
  13. Are we talking End or Edge grain? Because it makes a difference.
  14. When I'm out on the road, I try to plan ahead a little. But how does one chose where to eat? I hate the chains, but can you find good local food easily? Ask at the gas station? Look in the yellow pages at the gas station?
  15. At my local market they are $6.99 a pound, legs are $4.99.
  16. Mineral oil till it won't take any more. Should have used a belt sander.
  17. Vella Cheese. http://www.vellacheese.com/ Gotta support your local folk.
  18. Go to Trader Joes and get Rear Admiral Joseph's gin. Amazingly good for the price.
  19. winesonoma

    Cooking my Goose

    $5 X weight =, 10 lbs $50, 12lb $60. Kinda depends how big a goose you get. Is $5 a pound outa line ? Around here that would be special order, because nobody carries Goose.
  20. An inexpensive sparkling wine always works well. Not cheap, inexpensive. Kenwood vintage red and white are good buys also. http://www.madwine.com/kenwoodwinery.html
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