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  1. Oakville Grocery is looking for a manager. http://www.craigslist.org/nby/ret/64914502.html
  2. winesonoma


    Try here, best prices, Don't know if they ship to Canada. http://www.winestuff.com/
  3. I had a friend who was always late and then one day he left the keys to his life in my car (serious big ring of keys). I called him and said where do you want to meet and when to get your keys? It took him ten weeks to realize I would not wait longer than 5 min for him and he set the time and place. The joy of that day when I showed up and he was waiting. Almost made me want to leave, but he got the point.
  4. Another place I ate was Cobalt. http://www.cobaltrestaurant.com/index.html Also great food.
  5. He did take a little sip from his wine taster - said it was a "very complex wine". Dude, it's brown. ← Don't go back and tell all your friends the story. Hell I'd write to the Owners and demand a meeting (but I'm a shy person).
  6. I (shy person that I am ) would have made him drink a glass and describe it to me. F*&^in asshole.
  7. I had lunch here about a month ago and it was fabulous food. I was a tourist and just happened upon this place. http://www.muriels.com/html/menu.html
  8. Give one of the little varmints the camera, they can figure it out. Kinda like cartoonists on vacation. (Family Circle comes to mind).
  9. Novato= Nowhere and it always has. Move along folks nothing to see here.
  10. Sell them out of your trunk like the first largest cash crop.
  11. "order medium rare and 9 out of 10 times, the steak comes back medium or well done. If you only cook it well done, why bother asking me my preference?" I really can't believe how many steaks and prime ribs I have made chefs waste over the years. I knew the doneness level of a steak when I was 10 and workin the BBQ with dad. Simple stuff.
  12. Henri Bardouin Pastis is a very light anise flavor compared to Pernod or Richard and when used in cooking it becomes a nice background flavor. I personally like the flavor.
  13. winesonoma

    Imploded Cork

    I've seen bottles where Termites have eaten almost the whole cork, But they did not have foils. At least he finally brought some wine to the Petanque courts. Strange to pull a 1/2- 1/4 inch long cork. Wine was still good.
  14. One fingers worth in a glass and fill with beer.
  15. If that is your picture in the avatar, I thoroughly enjoy the fact that you are using the word "diss". ← Hey I'm from Brooklyn NY and can say what I want. Actual email to a local place tonight after I walked out. "I went in to have dinner tonight and ordered a glass of Richardson Syrah. It tasted of the barnyard and was at least 70 degrees. Based upon this first impression, I paid for the wine which I did not drink and left to have dinner elsewhere. Very bad first impression, as it was my first visit to your new location. I am a local and may try again but I can't guarantee it. It's the small things that make for a good experience and warm wine says to me you don't care. You lost a customer tonight. Think about it. Bruce"
  16. If I like your place I will tell 10 people immediately, If I don't I will tell everyone I meet until your out of business or I die. I live in a tourist town and constantly get asked where to eat. I have places that I like and places I'd never go to and those don't get mentioned, not dissed, just not mentioned. I only diss to people I know.
  17. I agree, but here is the thing I dont get..I have to draw from Randi's example again..why is bringing out the raw crabcakes considered 'creating a scene'? It wasnt abusive? A complaint went to the kitchen. There was no abusiveness or harsh language from the chef. The client herself though that he was being 'defensive'. I mean..how fine is the line between not pissing off the customer and licking ass/quitely accepting blame for alleged 'bad cooking form'? ← What is the point in bringing out the raw crab cakes? That's not what was served. The complaint was rather specific and I'm sorry you did not like it , I'll pass that along would have been a better choice. Chef seems a little too upset to me.
  18. Cheapest you can find. Better to drink later.
  19. winesonoma

    Wine Geek Dreams

    It's possible to make your own wine without a vineyard. We do it and have for years. We get grapes from a number of vineyards we tend for people and they get wine back. One can always buy grapes, rent equipment and buy barrels. However you are looking for real estate in one of the most expensive places in the US. I just sold a house with a lot in Spring Hill Fla. for $150,000. Here in Sonoma you might get a mobile home for that. Tis the land of $500,000 starter homes that need work. Best of luck in your quest. Look also in the Foothills, Amador, Eldorado and the whole hwy 49 area.
  20. Went out with the neighbors years ago to a fun not at all fancy place. Great time and when the check came I paid my portion in cash with 20% on the table. He picks up my money and puts down his credit card. He left a 10% tip. He had the nerve to make money off me at dinner. Never went anywhere with them again. Thank heavens they moved.
  21. Pick up a piece of wood, If you look at the surface it's edge grain, if you look at the end it's end grain. End grain hard rock maple is preferred for cutting boards. Like this http://www.shopdirect.com/Catskill%20Craft...d71b1ecb4285673 A planer is a power plane, dosen't work on end grain well. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...518240?v=glance
  22. I am a regular customer at a place in town. I get jumped in line all the time yet I still call for a reservation when I know it will be busy. Last night 20 people waiting, I walked up he checked me off in the book and no one Thought I jumped the line. It's a courtesy to make a rez.
  23. A friend came back from France with Amer Picon and Amer Cusenier. I got the Cusenier. I know about a Picon punch but this one seems to go with Beer. Any ideas? No ideas yet. Mix with beer as it has a beer glass on the label? It's 14.8% alcohol.
  24. The vineyard is on the valley floor and is irrigated. Things are starting to move fast here in the valley. I'll try to get some more pictures and info later today. In todays paper http://www.sonomanews.com/articles/2005/03...ries/news02.txt
  25. Like a built in smoke-house? I was thinking it might have to do with providing a secure anchor for the shelves that will be going in the pantry. But that wouldn't explain the ceiling. A trapeze perhaps? A. ← Shear wall, Easy attachment of fixtures, We have extra plywood, that's what the inspector wants, or it seemed like a good idea at the time?
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