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  1. I'll stick with my way when I want roast beef. I cook other cuts different ways. Worked for 30 years no reason to change.
  2. Henri Barduoin is my pastis of choice.
  3. Looks as though the entire cellar is gone. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051210/ap_on_re_us/katrina_wine
  4. Cross rib is relativity cheap $3.25 lb., only drawback is a layer of silver-skin running down the middle. I don't serve it to guests but it makes great sandwiches as I cook and eat for one most of the time. Remember Rare, rare,rare.
  5. Your using the wrong cuts of meat. Try Sirloin tip roast or cross rib roast. Brisket is for smoking or corning. Cook the beef rare 125 degrees, rest and slice thin.
  6. Some one is opening something new in the old Sonoma Savers spot. App for beer and wine lic. is in the window. More info as it unfolds and reveals itself.
  7. Around here places that sell things care about MONEY. If I want to buy it why won't you sell it to me? Or is that some strange new business model?
  8. Cast Iron is so cheap you can just buy a new one. A lot less work.
  9. That's really a frightening thought. If coke can remove rust from a cast-iron pan, think of what it can do to your stomach lining. I also heard it'll make your enamel sink sparkling clean. Yet, I drink it. ← http://members.tripod.com/~Barefoot_Lass/cola.html
  10. Coca cola will remove the rust. Soak for a few hours. Do not try to substitute other colas, they don't work.
  11. Drawings not photos. Guy was my local butcher in the early 70's.
  12. Basic book is "Cutting up in the Kitchen", Merle Ellis. Out of print but available. Less than $10 usually.
  13. Empty clean bottles are cheap. http://www.leeners.com/bottlewine.html
  14. I make wine every year. You need the grapes not Juice as you don't know what it is. Crusher stemmer, press can both be rented. Oak Barrels at $600 - $1200 apiece. A pump, a filler which can be rented as can a corker. We currently have 8 Barrels sitting. Syrah, Sav Blanc, Zin, Cab and a late harvest Sav Blanc. It's very labor intensive but not hard.
  15. Put in turkey and add water till you see how much you need. Mark pot, remove turkey and dry throughly. Dry pot and add oil. You want at least 3 inches of space to top of pot, with turkey in. Be Careful this can get really ugly real fast. Welders Gloves are advised as are goggles.
  16. Use one of these. http://www.lacajachina.com/
  17. Fly into Sacramento if at all possible, rent a car, allow a minimum of 2 hours to get to the Napa valley. There are many places to stay ranging from chain motels to 5 star resorts. San Francisco and Oakland are an extra burden you don't need, however allow 2+ hours from either, depending on traffic and weather. Make sure you have a reservation. http://www.napavalley.com/
  18. Duskie and John do great things, Currently into house cured meats. You should love it.
  19. Going out to eat and seeing 2 other eGullet people in the same place. Small town indeed.
  20. Anyone try the Buffalo Trace Bourbon? http://www.buffalotrace.com/home2.html
  21. winesonoma

    Le Creuset Sizes

    I have either a six or 9.5 qt oval. It will hold 4 lamb shanks or 4 turkey legs. It's not here right now but is is very heavy empty and you don't want to move it far when it's full. A really good investment though.
  22. I had the Crab and corn chowder, Butter Braised turkey breast, leg confit,spoonbread and truffle sauce. Pumpkin thing for dessert (can't think of the name). Girlfriend had Baby romaine, smoked bacon, roasted garlic, blue cheese salad. Pan seared pork confit, red chilie sauce,roasted garlic grits, Dark chocolate hot pot. Very satisifing meal. Rosenbloom Syrah.Ran into Carolyn Tille and Shaun. Also Kris Stanley.
  23. I love my stick blender for things like this.
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