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    Top Chef

    am i the only one who isn't shocked by Dave and Stephen being hungover in the kitchen the next day? Granted they are on TV and it's the "Big Day" and all, but hungover folks working either FOH or BOH has been SOP in my resto experience. *lol* as long as they can produce, i don't care if there's a giant cartoon hammer banging at there temples all afternoon long. Drinking on the line was a bit over the top tho - they should have at least snuck out to take a sip. that would have been more like right. Anyways - I'm thrilled to bits that Harold won, and that Dave's desserts got rave reviews. One thing I noticed about both teams - in prepping his menu, Harold took the time to taste the wines and then put a menu together. Tiffany ont he other hand - decided her menu before tasting any of the wines. I guess that's why we got Artichoke dishes. I'm surprised that Stephen didn't speak up, but then again, that wasn't really his job was it. My roommate and i were talking about what we would do in that position. The lesser part of me, screamed "Sabotage!" every step of the way, but then when I thought about it - i realized i most likely would have played good little soldier and let her make all the calls and sink or swim. either way, I can't wait until Season 2. But I will console myself with Hell's Kitchen (my all time favorite) until then.
  2. well good - i'm not gonna be there until September, so hopefully the Mariposa renovation will be all done, and they will be in fine form. Have y'all done any of the High Teas at the various hotels?
  3. for me it's Feta Cheese and Ranch dressing.
  4. tryska

    Showcasing Bacon

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned bacon wrapped dates, stuffed with blue cheese. salty, smoky, sweet, tangy all in one mouthful.
  5. yeah - loud music is great in a club. not in a restaurant. especially if it's a restaurant with particularly "bouncy" walls, as seems to be the trend lately.
  6. well as far as curries go, my base always starts like this: fat (oil, coconut oil, ghee, plain old butter) Chopped onion sautee in fat until transluscent, add ginger/garlic paste and fresh chili (if you choose to use fresh) then toast your spices in it (the spice mixture will be mixed to suit the ingredients and dish you are making - when i'm jsut throwing it together, it's invariably 1tsp cumin, 1/2tsp turmeric, and 1/2tsp coriander, if the dish calls for it) add your meat (if you are using meat) and stir to coat in toasted spices add your liquid - water, tomato sauce, coconut milk, what have you.... then add vegetables set to simmer for prescribed time. if the recipe calls for it - or the taste test calls for it, i might sprinkle some garam masala in, shortly befor ethe dish is done. (10-15 minutes out)
  7. really? what's turning you off about it? I've never had it - but it sounds good to me. Strawberries are pretty, well delicious, and spinach is a neutral. I'm not sure about the poppyseed dressing - it sounds good, but i don't know if i'd like it if the sweet outbalanced the vinegar. I would probably go with a balsamic vinaigrette, but then again, i'm just a transplanted yank, who's Indian to boot, so what do i know?
  8. I'm a big fan of Orange Zest added into the custard. I wonder if you could scent the sugar with it too before caramelizing?
  9. wow - i get to paste this link twice in one day: http://www.onokinegrindz.com/ if you look to the side, he's got his entries split up by location, and I believe he's based in Oahu. Couple of places I intend to try on Oahu: Mariposa (Ala Moana Shopping Center - it's in a department store) The Kahuku Shrimp Trucks Zippys And Matsumoto's Shave Ice on the North Shore.
  10. here's one from hawaii that always makes me hungry: http://www.onokinegrindz.com/
  11. tryska

    KFC Famous Bowls

    my roomamte and i were both excited by the KFC bowls. me especially because after Thanksgiving that's my favorite way of getting rid of leftovers. I like to layer mash, corn, stuffing, and turkey and then cover it all with gravy. we tried them over the weekend. a. too salty. b. too much potato. c. the cheese and breaded chicken took it over the top for me.
  12. one thing lately that really bugs me is ambient noise. If i can't hear my dining partners speak, or myself think i'm out of there before we even get seated.
  13. hey y'all - it's been awhile, but I actually did wind up buying a senseo, and I absolutely adore it. The coffee is certainly a different animal from other brewing methods. But it's incredibly convenient and i'm enjoying the variety it affords me. For awhile i was strictly getting archer's farms pods from Target - I dug their french roast, and tierra del sol, and I also liked Maxwell house hazelnut pods. I've tried a few online places too - I have to say i'm not a big fan of Baronet's. I find most of their pod offerings to thin and lackluster. With the exception of the Guatemala. I like the Dark Guatemala quite a bit, altho it's quite acidic. My roommate addores their 100% Kona tho. She's going to give me a couple of those pods to try. My personal favorite right now is Timothy's Italian Blend. I adore that coffee, it's nice and thick with a sweet dark-ish taste. Reunion Island and 52nd Street have some compelling pods too.
  14. Okay tryska how someone would get their pink oil hair sheen--and I know exactly which product you mean--near banana pudding is now giving me a gaggy lump in my throat. For real. Yes, those folks who never think of washing their hands ever aren't just a problem because of what they bring (like you, I avoid their dishes entirely) but these are invariably the same people who like to double dip, squeeze chocolates or doughnuts brought to the office to "see if they like what's inside," or as one person did to an entire crock pot of curry chicken I brought, asked me "what was that," I told him and then he proceeded to run his finger through it for a "taste." Since he was an executive vice president, I resisted the urge to end his life right then and there. I did however anal-retentively removed all traces of where his finger touched the food as well as a substantial portion of food that surrounded it. Wow, getting even more nauseaous and ticked off as I write this. ← OMG you are absolutely right - they do like to poke and prod and double dip and all sorts of stuff. now i'm skeeved out too. I can't believe anyone would stick their finger in curry chicken meant for a crowd of coworkers. family maybe, but the folks you work with? gross.
  15. thanks pahelon - i knew you'd ahve the answer! so let's say my preferred coffee is Allegro French Roast - which let's say I can get cheaply for 10 bucks. A 12 oz cup of drip coffee would be at least 30 cents per mug. for good pods that produce 10oz of coffee, it's about 40 cents per. Which isn't that bad. For me it's not just the convenience - it's a matter of scale too - I drink 1 cup per day. I do have to say I find the ability to have variety in the brews i try on a daily basis without committing to several different pounds in the freezer is compelling.
  16. Maybe someone other than a shiksa should be replying, but in case you didn't know, fish gelatin is substituted for gelatin made from the customary animals for kosher products; they are generally accepted as pareve if not by all. Marshmallows from Israel containing fish gelatin are found in greater frequency in natural food stores and supermarkets because there are vegetarians who consume fish...and shoppers who like the nice short list of natural ingredients on the packaging. ← well gelatin derived from fishbones is one thing. Lime flavored jello mixed with canned tuna is quite another.
  17. does anyone know where i can find a cost analysis comparing traditional coffee by the pound versus these pods? better yet - how many ground tbsps does 1 lb of whole beans make?
  18. you know....on review of the recipe - maybe i misunderstood the fishy jello. looking at the recipe it doesn't mentioned flavored jello being used - jsut gelatin. maybe it would be so bad. I mean what was really tweaking me was the idea of artificial fruit flavor mixed with fish. that just seems wrong. unless that artificial flavor is lemon and it is unsweetened.
  19. well mine is pretty simple - i really like a good hod chocolate with a dash of cinnamon, and some whiskey in it. and fluff on top.
  20. so fifi - how do you procure the arby's sauce? i confess i have a mental image of you driving up to the window and just asking for 50 packets, or sneaking in a tupperware container and pumping the hell out of their self-serve stations.... oh And Toliver - I'm going to have to thank you too - i never knew such a product existed either.
  21. From what i gather - the jello is made but not set. the cottage cheese is added, as well as fruit, and then it's put in the fridge to set. there was nothing wiggly or jiggly about it. it just looked like vaguely greenish cottage cheese.
  22. other than the the limiting "treats" bit - i encourage you to get him active in soem sort of way. That will help him go far in maintaining his weight as an adult. Also make sure he gets adequate protein to help him build muscles. I would definitely suggest less packaged foods and way more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, as well as healthy fats. The fat in his diet will help him produce testosterone, which is man's best friend when it comes ot keeping bodyfat low and mucle-mass high. I liek the ideas of planting your own garden, and getting him into a martial arts class. Maybe even Tai Chi - it might appeal to his artsy side. or perhaps weight-lifting - it's a very solitary zen like activity, if you've the frame of mind for it.
  23. yay! another red currant fan - I mix mine with dijon mustard but I'm going to give the horseradish a go. or perhaps horsradish mustard. mmm. and Lori in PA i agree - people do clamor for it don't they? no matter what you toss with what to drown the weenies in. Toliver i've never seen Contadina's sweet and sour sauce - is it tomato based or like Chinese restaurant sweet and sour?
  24. so what is chili sauce exactly? Sweet like ketchup? or more like well..chili?
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