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  1. wow. i'm so glad i saw this thread. my technique differes, but for soem odd reason, i have never thought to cut the triangles before baking. no wonder everyone's baklava looks so pretty compared to mine. how did i never learn that crucial step i wonder?
  2. I think a thriving club/restaurant trendy culture helps too. in which case - I would suggest Atlanta and Miami.
  3. this is interesting to me. almost like a hint at prions from eating carnivore brain. curious.
  4. mmm..let's see for Indian - the Butter Chicken and the Naan If a restaurant is sepcifically South Indian - then the masala dosa Thai - panang tofu curry American Chinese - General Tso's chicken or shrimp as the cae may be.
  5. i don't know, but for the most part - i'd like to see HFCS gone from most foods. It's a poison. Plain old Corn syrup does have it's uses, but I'm ok with ketchup made with plain old sugar.
  6. mmmm..cucumber salad. I had a really memorable on at Boby and June's jsut yesterday. it was delicious.
  7. best sweet tea I ever had brown sugar and muddled lemon balm in it, instead of mint.
  8. aye, a trainwreck is certainly what it is. And yeah - I am definitely in the grips of the Darkside right now. I find none of these characters redeeming - well perhaps Heather, primarily because she is a trooper. But the Farting Girl, the dumb Salad Chef who can't keep her trap shut, and K-Greazy? Good Lord, make it stop. At least Garret keeps his useless head down, altho he is in need of some further self-mastery.
  9. i have only one thing to add to this conversation I truly hate all of these people - Virginia most of all. I wish none of them would win, because i am so full of hate. The only reason I'm still watching is because I love Gordon.
  10. olive cookies huh? now that's a recipe that would freak out my coworkers. (for the record - Bubble Tea freaks many of them out)
  11. that's an excellent idea too goldie - i'll take a look at Food & Wine for the recipe.
  12. you're just about at what i was thinking - altho not with onions (i'd be curious to hear that recipe tho) I was thinking perhaps a riff on one of these: http://www.davero.com/recipes.php scroll down to the dessert section - the Davero Olive Oil Cake is similar to your idea, and I also like the Orange Almond Olive Oil Cake - it also has lemon, i think if i used dillseed in this one, perhaps chopped with the almonds, it would add something interesting. I think the first recipe would work with dillweed.
  13. this is an excellent idea. I would hate to waste a mess of good ingredients to experiment, but if i break up a batter into different formulations, that will go a long way.
  14. Maybe not in "regular" cake, but I make a mean smoked salmon cheesecake. Been craving it for weeks, as a matter of fact, and was planning to make one for the wedding I catered (and hosted, actually) yesterday, but just plain ran out of time, what with doing the actual wedding cakes, too. ← sweetened cheesecake?
  15. may I ask what role the fresh tamarind played with the cheeses? that is tamarind right, and not oddly shaped sausage?
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