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  1. I don't think you can keep it from bolting if it's hot out. But then, if you let it go to seed - it will grow new ones. Or stagger your seed planting, which my Mom always does. That way she's always got some coming in, while others might be flowering.
  2. i was thinking about a Bay Tree too. And alos ginger and turmeric plants (one of each) altho I understand they grow quite big. What are your thoughts on this planter: http://www.gardeners.com/Terrazza-Trough-P...ering.16027.cpd It's pretty expensive, but it looks to be quite big, and I can put it on coasters too. I was thinking maybe for next year I could go that route, and rotate plants through it. I like this one too, which seems like it could house my entire garden, but it's not moveable. http://www.gardeners.com/Self-Watering-Rai...ering.17403.cpd
  3. *lol* yeah i know....it's actually just winding up easier to plant annuals - especially the sun loving ones in them. simply because the price is right, and they are easier to move around. For perennials i'm getting some sturdier ones. Now if i can find some good pots for cheap that i can put on wheels - or some other container on wheels - then i'll use those instead. I'm regretting my decision to plant catnip seeds next to the tomatoes - those are sprouting already. perhaps when they are adequate - ill just pull them up and dry them.
  4. I've just watched the India Part 1 show - Tony - if you see this, i have 2 questions: 1. What were your thoughts on the Maharana's ghee smoking process for the Goat? I've never seen anything like it, and I bet it smelled lovely, but did it add an extra dimension to the meat? smoky butteriness? 2. How was the Bhang Lassi, really? I wish i'd tried to make that in college. Curious to know if it gave you warm fuzzies.
  5. did you marinate those eggplant Therese? and if so - with what?
  6. absolutely - I'm gonna have to show off my fall plantings anyway! The Spray paint is an excellent idea - I have a Michael's right around the corner anyway. I'm sure if the paint sticks to glass it will stick to the coolers. As for the colors on top - yeah I figured that was the only way i could get the red plastic handles to not stick out like sore thumbs.
  7. oh it's here - prolly more so with home cooks than restaurants - but...this is The South, you know.
  8. I'm also thinking that when it's time to plant new annuals, i'm going to paint the coolers. I'm not sure if external latex will stick, but that's a question for home depot i guess. I was thinking of painting them Terra Cotta colored - and then highlighting the ridged details in Turquoise and Yellow and Red - kind of like Mexican Pottery. Only the outsides though - i would prefer that the white stay on the inside, since they are planted so deep in the container - the Sun can reflect off the white and back onto the lower reaches of my plants. I also finally got Bountiful Container from the library - I love this book!
  9. Here's the pepper and cilantro - my camera doesn't do this plant justice: And the Herb Bowl: Clockwise from top: Thyme, Cat Thyme, Catnip, Catnip, Lemon Balm
  10. yeah - pot likker is the broth leftover from cooking greens - usually seasoned with a pork product of some sort - ham hock, fatback, etc.
  11. interesting stuff C. Sapidus. thanks! I was watching a clambake being done on Food Network the other day, and Saw them putting the live lobsters into the Steaming beach oven. For some odd reason that struck me as worse than being dropped into boiling water. it's a shame there's no way, other than stunning them, to put em out of their misery before cooking them.
  12. From the waitstaff? (Male, I'm guessing?) Actually it was an older lady - which sorta added to his discomfort. I personally was jealous because the backrub looked really comforting and homey. but i got no love, cuz i'm not a buck. Mary Mac's Tea Room is an Atlanta Institution for the classic Southern meat and three. It's jsut down the street a bit from the Infamous Clermont Lounge - where, well old (female) strippers go to die. The Colonnade on the other hand is also a Classic Meat and Three - they still serve a wedge salad (iceberg with blue cheese dressing). As Therese mentioned it is popular with men who do not appreciate the female form. what Therese didn't mention is that it is equally popular with blue-haired old ladies - sometimes in the company of men who do not appreciate the female form. Especially after Church. it is definitely great people-watching. Therese - after looking at your Mary Mac's picture - all i can say is I was totally robbed - that cornbread and Pot likker looks delish. As for your wolfish hunger - isn't it common to have big watermelon orgies at like wolf reserves and rescues and such?
  13. hmm - how long does this bacterial takeover take to occur? Like a millisecond? 10 minutes? a half hour?
  14. thanks Jaymes! So far so good. Altho i'm sorta concerned about overwatering it. And the fact that I've just planted it and now can look forward to an entire week of clouds and rain. *sigh* in other news - I went to another nursery today - I actually like this one a lot. They had a huge selection of stuff, and there were quite a few knowledgeable people there. They also had really great seeds - i found the White Icicle Radish seeds that I wanted. Now i'm all set for fall - lettuce, radish, onions and I'll prolly get a beet and a garlic. Also picked up some more plants (i bought a big bag of potting soil yesterday - can't let it go to waste). I decided to do a perennial herb bowl - which i housed in a plastic terra cotta looking thing. It has: Lemon Balm - the nursery guy turned me on to it - told me it tastes really great with pineapple and melon and as a tea. It smells lovely - like citronella but fruity instead of mediciney. Thyme - i'm hedging my bets in case the seeds don't grow. Cat Thyme - I have no idea if cats actually like it, but it's a nice frosty green. Cat Nip - I did 2 plants - hoping for a nice bunch of it, once everything comes in. I broke off a leaf, and crushed it, and my one cat sniffed and looked at me like i was crazy (not an unusual reaction for him, but there was also dirt on my hands so maybe that was throwing him off.) The other cat molested me, so we know the catnip's good. And I got another cooler and planted some more annuals - Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper - this one i had to buy because it was just striking. The leaves come in green and then turn purpley black, the peppers start off black and turn birght red, and the flowers are a bright purple. It's gorgeous, and has a bunch of buds on it. The peppers are edible and allegedly very hot. Coriander - I know it's going to get too hot for them, but this plant hasn't bloomed yet, and it's going to be a relatively cool week, and there's actually just enough for me to season the Dhal and garnish the shrimp i'll be making this weekend. So no harm no foul - plus i have seeds. Summer Bunching Scallion - this i'm doing from seed - it takes 8 - 10 days to sprout, and can be sown right into midsummer - so we'll see. Anyways - I'll post pics whenever the sun comes out again, since my camera won't take a picture otherwise. I really do need to thank y'all for being so supportive and helpful, and full of great ideas. Now my potting mix is all gone - so no more plants - just nurturing. Oh - I've just discovered that i'm a plant talker. I never thought I would be, but it just happened.
  15. actually it was just lunch. he wouldn't go to the clermont anyway - 1. ) he's frightened of the female form. 2.) he's a married man.
  16. may i just say that this was an absolutely delicious flavored coffee? I wrote a review for it too: http://www.betterpods.com/miva/merchant.mv...ode=ALOHAISLAND
  17. and backrubs if you are a "strapping young buck" as my dining companion was called. I think that might havethe first he had ever been referred to as a "buck". It's funny actually - his husband was born and raised in South Georgia - he doesn't like Mary Mac's either. My friend on the other hand loves it. But then again, he also loves potato and ricotta cheese calzones. It's entirely possible it was an off-night - a really off-night - because the food definitely wasn't living up to the reputation.
  18. Well I appreciate all the help! Yeah - I'm prepared to prune and pull up sickly plants to make room for 1 or 2 healthy plants. I don't really know what to do with basil - it's jsut not part of my South Indian repertoire, but my room-mate likes it. Anyways - here are the pictures - they are truly crap-tastic because they were taken with a $20 digital camera I found at Target like 4 years ago. It doesn't even have a flash...
  19. They're all good, for their Genre - Bride and Prejudice can be quite camp in places, as they tease the Bollywood genre, and What's Cooking is a good L.A. Multicultural movie. Think Crash, but not anywhere near as angry and depressing.
  20. jaymes - i never saw your post last night about growing from seed. But i agree with you. I didn't think about the six weeks or so it would take. I've kept the San Marzano seeds to try next spring (real early) and I'm gonna give soem to a friend too. So last night I wound up going to the Home Depot and getting a nice 8-inch tall patio cherry tomato. I also picked up some common thyme seeds and some catnip seed. The cooler i got is kinda small, prolly a 12X16? I just planted the one tomato, and sowed some Basil and Thyme seeds on either side. I poked holes in a double row along the bottom of the cooler, and then about an inch from the bottom along the sides. Then i did a single layer of river rock, and filled it half way with Farfa (?) potting mix, a very loose pack, wet it, wet my plant, spread the roots a little bit, put it on the mix, and then covered with some more and watered the whole thing. I think it's draining pretty well, because i did have a lid ful of water this morning. (which i took and rewatered with this morning) So far the plant's looking pretty perky. If i can find the cable for my ancient cheap-ass digital camera - I will show y'all mah rig. I plan on sowing the catnip today. Also on today's list of chores - buying a real watering can (as opposed to a plastic arizona ice tea quart bottle) and a decorative bowl like thing for the herbs.
  21. well this was last year. if those were fresh veggies (black eyes peas and mash) then I hope whoever was responsibile was fired. i also hope whoever served that boiled hunk of unseasoned ground beef covered with ketchup they call a meatloaf, also got fired.
  22. oh and I finally found Fleurs-de-lis' website - i thought the french was off, but apparently a few websites that review it have the name wrong... it is http://www.lesfleursdeliscafe.com/ unfortunately doesn't look likie they are open for breakfast. Might be a nice dinner spot for you and your companions tho. Oh also, across the street from fairlie poplar - in the Suntrust building I think? There is this great little produce store - lots of interesting local stuff - fruits, veggies, candy, that sort of thing.
  23. Hee - if it's going to be on earth for all eternity - might as well put it to good use! I think i'll try the gravel at the bottom, especially since i don't have broken pottery shards lying around. Maybe you could recycle your coolers into little garden plots for patio-bound friends?
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