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  1. That's sort of what I was thinking - that I'd just start the seed in the cooler - i'm gonna put the basil and the tomato in the same container anyway, since they are good companions for each other. I've only got two styro coolers at the moment, and one sits in the car to hold meats on the way from the store. But it's easy to find them here. You should totally experiment with the coolers you have - it couldn't hurt! Now here's a quetion i have - to stop the dirt from going down the drainholes - is gravel a bad idea for the bottom? I've been poking around the gardenweb forums - seems like a lot of people use screening, but i kinda like the idea of gravel better - seems more earthlike to me.
  2. *lol* funny how the internet dispels "ignorance" isn't it? Kudos to you for deciding to grow your own veggies, as opposed to just settle for going without veggies, as many people on tight budgets do. That alway bothers me. and to be honest - to me growing from seed seems easier - primarily because it's a sort of set it and forget it thing (other than watering and sunshine). I guess i'm sort of daunted by transplanting - as that's never worked out well for me. the plants i've tried that with in the past just got too much of a shock, i guess. (not that i even remotely knew what i was doing - so that prolly had a lot to do with it.) as for the match-making - it's perfectly alright. Lord know i could use it!
  3. baha - we'll see. for reasons that shall remain unsaid, he sorta scares me. But he's a nice enough guy. anyways - i went by the local urban gardening nursery. The gentleman there was very helpful and knowledgeable. He told me what i needed, showed me the plants they had - suggested good starter plants for an amateur, and even gave me some containers for seedlings. I wound up buying some seed - San Marzano tomatoes, basil, and tom thumb lettuce. I'll wait on the lettuce, but i'll play with the tomato and basil and see what happens. If planting the tomato from seed directly doesn't work, then i'll just focus on cultvating herbs until the time is right for some of the other veggies.
  4. do i get to answer about the orange whip? or is this for the furners?
  5. doh - nix Nikolai's then. *lol* the time i went to Mary Mac's the meatloaf was horrid, and all the sides came out of cans. I was shocked and appalled. Or spoiled by Colonnade and Busy Bee.
  6. bless her heart. hey did y'all do a luau? if so - which one?
  7. i love online menus. i like to know what i'm getting into, and perhaps have a dish or two in mind for when I get there.
  8. another place I've always wanted to go, but perhaps I can live vicariously through you instead is City Grill: http://www.citygrillatlanta.com/ It's also in the same area between GSU and the Omni - closer to GSU, but i always see their fancy linen-cloth dining room as I'm walking by.
  9. I'm hope you directed her towards leonard's for malasadas instead?
  10. you'll be down by my job. Fleur de Lis should be right on the walk from your hotel. about midway between the two actually. Fairlie-Poplar has a little boulevard lined with all types of restaurants that is pretty popular during lunchtime. there's a mix of chain (KFC, Moe's, and a Gorins) as well as Thai/Chinese (not so good imo, but the eggplant is quite nice on their Buffet), Ali Baba's - mediterranean - I like it a lot, and your veg friend probably will too - and Rosa's Pizzeria - their sausage rolls are really quite good. As far as Southern Cuisine, hmm..I'd say definitely not Mary Mac's tearoom - it's supposed to be an institution, but imo - skip it. There's Thelma's on Auburn - i haven't been there since it was on Marietta - but it was quite good then. http://www.accessatlanta.com/restaurants/c...maskitchen.html If i've got the new location in the correct spot - I would suggest driving, as opposed to walking, because getting from where you would be to where it is, is through a rough patch of Auburn. Another option is Pitty-pat's Porch, and it's Downtown, but i'm not sure where and I've never eaten there. http://www.atlantarestaurants.com/minipage/pittypat.htm
  11. he deserves them - he's the leaf-sweeping fairy. Who knows - if all goes well, maybe i could take over his porch too. He has full unobstructed sun.
  12. I believe the Dixie Chicks would agree, at this point. *lol* Any publicity is good publicity.
  13. there's also Nikolai's Roof on Courtland, if you are looking for Fine Dining options. http://www.nikolaisroof.com/
  14. Where at GSU? - that's technically Downtown. There's plenty of restos in and around the CNN center - can't speak to how good they are tho. I believe many are chains - There's a McCormick and Schmicks anyway. Down by GSU, in the Fairlie Poplar district there's a good french cafe in the Healey Building. Excellent coffee, and the croque monsieur looked quite good. it's called Les Fleur De Lis. There's also Ted's Montana Grill at the corner of Spring and Luckie if you like giving Ted Turner some money to eat his bison. what type of food are you looking for?
  15. compassrose - you make a good point. I guess i just don't count fibrous veggies as food. *lol* altho i have seen BB'ers that are so paro about any carbohydrate that they just rely on flax seed for the plumbing.
  16. thanks memesuze! I've actually found a nursery near my job that caters specifically to City Gardeners so I'm excited to visit them at lunch today. If they need a full 6-8 sun, then I'll set them up on the breezeway and hope the leasing agency doesn't pitch a fit. Nobody comes down this spot but us or people coming to see us, and it's not like it's garbage, so I'm sure they will be cool. I'm sure my upstairs neighbor will get a kick out of it too, since he's pretty much the only other person that lays eyes on the area.
  17. Palmieres perhaps for a sweet yet light option to go with coffee?
  18. don't get them from Krogers tho. it took exactly 12 hours for the pint of strawberries i bought last saturday to get all moldy. and i picked through the pile for the best looking of the bunch. I'm making a DFM run at lunch time today. gotta get the chicken hearts. Sorry about the Maddy's experience - have you checked out a Shane's Rib Shack yet? i don't know if it's strictly OTP - they opened one up by me - it's not that bad as far as BBQ goes. oh and I suggest the coupe - better gas mileage and a smaller footprint.
  19. I spoke with my roommate last night about the peppers...I just might plant one - even if it winds up being primarily ornamental. I use very little chili - like maybe one tiny habanero to flavor a curry when I cook one. I do use a lot of dried flakes tho, so perhaps I'll get a nice medium hot variety and we can dry the excess, and make it into chili powder and flakes. (we've both got nightmares of her boss's chili bonanza a few years back, and we were up to our ears in the stuff.) Now here's another question - I don't know if i said before that my porch is west-facing, but it's actually east-facing. It's fully covered, but gets direct sun at least until the sun gets overhead. Will tomatoes deal with having sun until 12 - 1pm, or would i need to put it in the breezeway during the day (un-covered)? How much sun is full sun, really? perhaps i should pick up a Gardening for Dummies book. (i got a beer cooler yesterday!)
  20. I actually have a stupid question... why exactly do lobsters have to be alive right up until you cook them?
  21. oy. get the food first, then the car. or you might make a rash low blood sugar decision. anyway - good luck and god speed!
  22. "crap in a glass" wasn't working out anymore, huh? have you decided what you are doing for dinner?
  23. How wonderful of you! i tend to give away trail mix when i'm asked for either food or money or money for food. (not on purpose - but i tend to keep a bag on hand for myself at all times - and i'll give it away if asked). I've often toyed with keeping an emergency food kit in the car - something like trailmix, some gum, a bottle of water and a couple of cigarettes. good on you for actually doing something! I'm inspired now.
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