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eG Foodblog: Ling & HhLodesign - The cool kids at Belltown Lofts


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Henry & Lorna,

J, the boys & I just got back from vacation yesterday and I was thrilled as all get-out to see you guys had blogged while we were away. Not that I wanted to miss it, but if I had have been home while the blog was running I would have been completely ignoring anything work-related.

Both J & I have spent the better part of this morning reading your adventures, and wiping the drool off each others' chins. :laugh: Really awesome stuff. Since I've known Lorna for a couple years, and have had the chance to meet Henry on a couple of occaisions, the chemistry shown during this blog was not a surprise. You're a good team, and it shows in so many areas of your lives.

My favorite moment from this past week?

The only thing I am guilty of is surrounding myself with warm, wonderful people who enrich my life for knowing them. I DO take credit for that.  :smile:

Amen brother.


ps - Part II of the Lorna & Lo Show needs to take place on this side of the 49th!

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[...]I Photoshopped the picture to make it a little brighter. I think it looks a little better now.



I never remarked on this before, but that really looks like an orange to me. Am I the only one who thought of that?

Michael aka "Pan"


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I don't need to go into much detail here...simple fact is that you two are a great pair! Your blog was great, your food preferences are very interesting and complimenting (towards oneanother). The variety of your palate is interesting, inspiring and very well thought-out (you also have an interesting way - the both of you - of being able to teach yours readers interesting food facts and cooking techniques)....you probably do this without even knowing it, huh?!?!?!?. I am craving many (ok ok all) of your past weeks meals/snacks/drinks (with the exception of your hangover...guessing you had one Ling).

You two are highly entertaining and sure do know a lot about food, and you both seem to be wonderful cooks.

My favorite for the week...its a close one but I would say the Iron Chef contest...WOW!

Thanks so much :)

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"One Hundred Years From Now It Will Not Matter What My Bank Account Was, What Kind of House I lived in, or What Kind of Car I Drove, But the World May Be A Better Place Because I Was Important in the Life of A Child."


hmmm - as it appears if you are eating good food with the ones you love you will be living life to its fullest, surely laughing and smiling throughout!!!

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