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Berlin Restaurants


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What kind of places are you looking for - high end - low - or in the middle?

For higher end - Vitrum in the Ritz Carlton at Potsdamer Platz is excellent (has 1 Michelin star but tastes like 2). So is Vau (1 Michelin star) - about a 25 minute walk/5 minute cab ride away.

The Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz has a lot of restaurants - a multiplex theater - etc. Nothing there is a big deal - but it's a nice casual place for dinner and perhaps a movie. There's also a "restaurant area" a couple of blocks away (near the Daimler building). Again - nothing fabulous. But you won't be looking for fabulous every night.

Note that Potsdamer Platz really isn't "downtown Berlin". It is kind of in the middle between what used to be downtown West Berlin - and downtown East Berlin. But there's a lot there. Robyn

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We were in april in Berlin and the dinner in the " Restaurant 44 " was outstanding ! The restaurant is part of the Swissotel Berlin at the Kurfürstendam. The chef Tim Raue is in my opinion at the moment one of the best in Germany. It is magic how he uses herbs and spices, incomparable. Very good German wine.

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I will start from the west and move to the east.

Charlottenburg: High end shopping district called Ku'damm.

1. 44: In the Swissotel. Modern food done right. Healthy choices. Chef is a Berliner and the flavor combinations that he uses reflect this.

2. Schlemmermeyer: This is a chain of delis from München. They have the best brautwurst and leberkäser sandwiches.

3. Ka De We: The largest department store in Europe. On the top two floors there is a great high end food court. Paul Bocuse has a seafood restaurant there. Don't pass up a currywurst in the imbiss outside next to the store. It is true Berlin street food!

Tiergarten: The large city park area in Berlin.

1. Hugos: In the InterContenental Hotel. One star mediterranean influnced cusine.

Potsdamer Platz: Right in the middle of Berlin, though not considered downtown.

1. Brassarie Desbrosses: In the Ritz Carlton. Best brunch in Berlin, also a great lunch spot.

2. Facil: In the Mandala Hotel. Modern, one star food. Young talented chef.

3. Vox: In the Grand Hyatt. Asian influences, and sushi bar. Great lunch spot.

4. Lindenbräu: In the Sony Center. Simple bräuhaus food. Great beer and wurst.

5. Vox Bar: In the Grand Hyatt. Good cocktails, modern young scene.

6. Cotton Club: In the Ritz Carlton. Nice classy bar with a lot of German spirits.

*Unfortunatly, Vitrum closed Monday for their month long summer break.*

Brandenburg Gate: A very historical must see. Only three blocks from Pots. Platz.

1. Margaux: Nice classic french restaurant. A bit over priced but healthy options.

2. Lorenz Adlon: In the Hotel Adlon. Classic french two star restaurant.

Mitte: The area with the television tower. This is the downtown area.

1. Borchardt: German Brassarie. The biggest Weiner Schnitzel I ever attempted to eat. This is where all the movie stars eat when they are in town, so a reservation is a must. I love this place for both lunch and dinner. Simple but stylish, and always done well.

2. Grill Royal: Modern Steakhouse on the river Spree. This is another stylish "in" restaurant but the chef worked in great American steakhouses and the food is really good.

3. Monsieur Vuong: Authentic, healthy Chinese. Always packed to the max! No, always over packed! But, it is very good, if you can get in.

Prenzlauer Berg: Young hip part of town. East Berlin at its best.

1. Due Forni: The best pizza I've ever had! Served by Italian punks, and cooked in wood burning stone ovens by Italian pizza masters.

2. Moa Thai: Best Thai restaurant in Berlin. There are a lot of others but this is the only good one that I have found.

3. delizie d'Italia: My favorite Italian restaurant here in Berlin. Simple, small, classic, and good. Reservation is a must. (If you go two blocks north, on the left there is a beer store that sells an amazing variety of German beer.)

These are just a few (I could list a hundred more), but they are my favorites.

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Oderquelle on Oderberger Strasse is a favourite of mine. The place is best called funky - I don't think it's seen more that a little lick of paint since the wall came down, but the food is great and they're rightly proud of it. The menu, which last time I went included a blackpudding ravioli as well as more traditional German dishes, is changed daily and the food is all prepared market-fresh each day.

Last time I had: Uckermärker Reh- und Hirschkalbrücken auf sautierten Steinpilzen dazu gestofter Wirsing und Schupfnudeln. Basically deer shoulder with sauteed vegetables and a potato noodle side dish. It was hearty, but not heavy.

Dinner for three including a couple of drinks each was just over 60 euros. Cheap by UK standards - you can barely eat at Pizza Express for that - but there was nothing cheap about the food or the standard with which it was cooked.

Service was great with the waiter taking time to explain what was on the menu and how it was prepared.

I plan to dine there again in September, 3rd year running...

www.oderquelle.de - the daily menu is always online (click the plate).

Read about what I've been eating at http://theeatingwell.blogspot.com/

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Thanks for all the great suggestions. 

To be a little more specific, for breakfast and lunch options I'll be at Postdamer Platz - looking for some healthy type options for breakfast and lunch in this area.

The Ritz Carlton (right at Potsdamer Platz) has a casual restaurant which serves a nice 2 course lunch - pick just about any starter and any main - for 19 euros (a relative bargain). I'm sure there are at least some healthy options on the menu. Robyn

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Hard to beat breakfast on the top of the Reichstag. The view is fabulous, and the food is quite good too. You have to call ahead for a reservation. Eating there also lets you bypass the line to the dome, which is worth the price itself.

You keep saying "healthy" as if that means something in particular. Our opinion of what is healthy may not be the same as yours, and, really, how useful a term is it when you are talking about international travel? A brat and a beer works just fine for many Berliners.

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I cannot answer lanchon but did see an article in the NYT today Bites series that talks of wine bars - Fra_rosa, Perlin + Forum - where the food and wine are on the honor system. Interesting if dangerous idea, authod Andreas Tzortzis posits.

John Talbott

blog John Talbott's Paris

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44 in the Swissotel is a very good restaurant (one star) with a modern take on German cuisine. The cuisine has a great sense of place which I really enjoyed. Although, when I ate there the chef was Tim Raue who has since departed for another restaurant yet to open. To be honest with you most of the "high-end" restaurants (with stars) in Berlin are more French influenced.

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I'm going to Germany for a few days in April with a couple of non-foodie friends. I've persuaded them of the need for one good dinner which due to time constraints looks like it has to be in Berlin. The criteria are:

- max 80 euros/head NOT including wine

- decent sized portions (they're not the nouvelle cuisine type...)

- preferably fairly casual (ie preferably somewhere that will accept shirt and jeans; we don't want to have to pack suits)

So, where should I take these two heathens to make them see the light?

(These guys are Scottish and their idea of a perfect meal would probably be a raw steak pickled in whisky. Which sounds pretty damn good to me too.)

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Either of these would probably work:

Austrian, but upscale


Restaurant & Weinhandlung

Kantstraße 153

10623 Berlin

Tel.: 030 - 313 31 62 (bis 16.00 Uhr Anrufbeantworter)

Fax: 030 - 313 37 32


Spanish seafood + more:

La Sepia

Marburgerstrasse 2

10789 Berlin

Tel.: 030-2135585


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Hi all!

My first post so please forgive any mistakes I may make but, I'll be in Germany this April with Frankfurt and Berlin as definite stops. While I've loved food longer then he's been famous, I'll describe myself as a foodie of the "Bourdain School" My big thing is street food and markets, trying to avoid the tourist hordes. I don't care what's in it, I'll try anything, as long as it's authentic and the local folks are lining up for it too. I'm also woefully versed in my germanic dishes but want to try it all and I fear no ingredient! What are some innapropriate-in-some-company-groan inducing mother dishes that I can't leave Germany Without having? Bring on the suggestions!

I'll also be traveling through The Netherlands (Maastricht for sure), Belgium (Brussles), and the U.K. (Huddersfield and Edinburgh) if anyone is familiar with those areas also, I'm all ears!


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Prometheus - We were in Germany last spring. At least in Berlin - I don't think you have to worry about "tourist hordes". There weren't any - which is kind of surprising given Berlin's size - vitality - and (relatively) low prices these days. We went to the Carnival of Culture (early May). It's a really big street food/music festival - and I wasn't overwhelmed by the street food (the best was some tasty grilled wurst - regular wurst - not currywurst - wurst with ketchup and curry powder - which I really disliked). But we had plenty of good meals in "sit-down" restaurants. One place to go around and sample things that is quite civilized is the food courts at Ka De We (big department store). Robyn

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Thanks for the recomendations, it's appreciated but I didn't catch them until we got back. However, we had a great, great time throughout the whole trip. Someone in another thread had suggested the "Kleinmarkthalle", a large indoor market in Frankfurt, which we very luckily happened across. It was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my travels and would suggest it to anyone in the area. Whatever you could possible desire, it was to be found, and usually in its freshest and most vibrant form. Germans do take charcuterie and sausage making to a whole other level and it was well represented there. I don't think they appreciated my desire to crawl into the sausage case to suck my thumb. It was meant as a complement! :raz:

As for Berlin, I really loved that city much more then I thought I would. Strangely enough, we had Turkish food twice while there but it makes sense when you consider that it has the second highset population of Turkish people outside Istanbul. (one was Hasir, I can't remember the other) While in Kreuzburg, we came across a Turkish bakery where I decided, if I had the choice, I want to die to the smell wafting from that lovely place! We did have some Currywurst and it was pretty decent but it was more of a "have to try it once while we're there" sort of thing. We tried to get to Ka De We for the exact reason you mentioned (our freind living in Berlin echoed your sentement) but were unable to.

Thanks again for the suggestions, I love reading from others who love food and travel as much as I do. Keep up all the good work!

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May’s Bon Appetit had an article on the “Hot 10/euro bargains” that mentioned Schneeweiss.


That issue was in my mailbox when I got back! I wish I'd seen it before we left, I'd give a review of it!

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Strangely enough, we had Turkish food twice while there but it makes sense when you consider that it has the second highset population of Turkish people outside Istanbul. (one was Hasir, I can't remember the other)

Not so strange - the Germans are all eating Turkish too. When we lived in Berlin we went to the Hasir's behind KaDeWe at least once a week. It doesn't have the ambiance of the original but it was closer to where we lived. Mmmm, the excitement of digging down through the meat to get at the eggplant... And I miss those adorable waiters!
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