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  1. Visiting Belfast in August. Anything new there? Fancy dining? According to Michelin guide, there's only one starred restaurant, worth going?
  2. Michelin guide doesn't cover outside Copenhagen area. Has anyone been to this place? Worth a detour from Copenhagen?
  3. Wow, good pictures. Yes, dinner is too expensive. I will definitely give lunch a try during my Europe trip. Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone. Yes, I thought about 44, but as you mentioned, it is a new chef now. Alright, I will go to Vau.
  5. I am looking for a high-end restaurant in Berlin with more German fare instead of too much French-influenced. Hugo? Facil? Vau? Help....
  6. Alright, thanks for all your suggestions... I am still curious and want to try. I will email them on Jan 1st and IF I can secure BOTH a room and dinner, I will definitely go. I will then go to Le Vieux Pont the day after as Dave suggested and get back to you all next year. Thanks again.
  7. From the website, it says email them back in January. Does anyone know how difficult is it to get a table there? ie. Is it like El Bulli that I need to email on Jan.1st??
  8. Thanks for the great photos docsconz. I will definitely go try it out myself next week. Would you say the experience is quite similar to WD50??
  9. I was planning to visit this restaurant during my Europe trip coming up. I guess I will save my money for something better in London.
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