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  1. Aside from being one of the nicest, most intelligent and most helpful people I have ever known, Phyllis was one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. She greeted new members, she knew and encouraged them, and when anyone needed help, she was there. She was of inestimable help to me too, indeed, I “met” her when I was looking for someone to help collect newspapers and food guides when I was out of town so that the “Digest” would never lack a week’s reporting. Those gracious acts of kindness turned into one of the most important friendships in my life. Not everyone knows that before she mo
  2. The Week of July 13th, 2009 Monday in Le Fooding, Elodie Rouge reviewed Le Bar’Ju in Tours. This week, A Nous Paris’s Jerome Berger gave 3/5 dots in his review of the diner-looking Japanese-California Rice & Fish, coordinates given before. Wednesday, Paris Update published Richard Hesse’s review of the bar a manger Le Garde Robe about which he had mixed things to say. Friday on his website, Francois Simon reviewed Le Chamarre Montmartre, concluding it was a successful succession. Saturday/Sunday, in Bonjour Paris, John Talbott wrote an essay entitled “The ‘50’s, Lobrano and me: Trips down
  3. The Week of July 6th, 2009 Tuesday, in Le Fooding, Anna Polonsky reviewed the tapas-sangria place Rosalito, in the 10th. Wednesday Paris Update published Richard Hesse’s review of Aux Crieurs de Vin in Troyes. In the weekend FT, Nicolas Lauder discusses the following places open on weekends: L’Ambassade d’Auvergne, Rose Bakery, Hôtel Amour, Miroir + Benoit. Saturday/Sunday, in Bonjour Paris, Margaret Kemp wrote an article entitled "Giscard d'Estaing, Oto-Oto, Copenhague, Violon d'Ingres, Auberges & Bistrots” and John Talbott wrote an essay entitled “Cultural Differences III: the UK, US and
  4. The Week of June 29th, 2009 Tuesday, Julie Gerbert, in Le Fooding reviewed Les Grandes Bouches, coordinates given last week, where she enjoyed the food and wine save the dessert. Tuesday as well, ANP‘s Jerome Berger gave 3/5 dots to Le Patio, in the Crillon, which serves Piege-directed bentos with summer products (all courses on one tray) for 45 and 55 €, 7/7 and Philippe Toinard reviewed Anacreon, coordinates in the guidebooks, which has yet another chef who serves fish not drowning in sauce, but lacks brio ; lunch menu at 19 € and a la carte 20-40 € is closed Saturday lunch and Sunday. Monda
  5. Today's Scope had an article on places open "during the vacation" that included: Chalet de l'Oasis Au Pere Lapin Gordon Ramsay Le 51 Le Saut du Loup Rosa Bonheur La Fontaine de Mars Cafe Constant Zinc Caius Pere Claude Maree Passy Les Delices d'Aphrodite Ratn Zyriab Madame Shawn Les Cailloux Cru Glou La bar terrasse de La Gare Cantine Merci La Terrasse BBQ du Mama Shelter
  6. The Week of June 22nd, 2009 Tuesday, Philippe Lafon, in Le Fooding reviewed the wine plus light food place in Gaillac, the Vigne en Foule. Tuesday as well, ANP‘s Jerome Berger gave 3/5 dots to Sous les Cerisiers, 12 rue Stanislas in the 6th, 01 42 77 46 24, open Mon-Fri evenings only, run by a Franco-Japanese chef who has three menus at 38 €, 48 € et 68 € containing very Japanesy-sounding food and Philippe Toinard reviews l’Acajou, coordinates in the guidebooks, which has had the same chef (Jean Imbert) since 2004 but has a new table d’hote, common table and terrace but serves awful sounding
  7. I encountered a similar experience today at a place I really like - Le Gaigne. Ouch, I hope these places survive given their great food.
  8. l'Assiette is a mixed bag, agreed; but do you find Nuxis under Thierry Curiale since last June as good as Guifeli as it was under Michel Craca? I am guilty about my fall in custom of La Cerisaie.
  9. Well, I've only eaten once at Chez Casimir since Tredgeu left and was disappointed. I tend to go to Chez Michel only during game season and then it seems OK still. Colette doesn't like it because she thinks it's "too dark" but that's the decor not the food.
  10. The Week of June 15th, 2009 Monday, in A Nous Paris, Philippe Toinard gave 3/5 dots and reviewed the “girly” Cru, coordinates given before, where he noted both the cooked and cru fish (some out of season or facing extinction) as well as duck, soups, salads, carpaccios, tartares, etc. Meanwhile, Jerome Berger awarded 3/5 to Le Chamare Montmartre, coordinates given before, apparently because the terrace is now open and they have a 17 € 2-course lunch, 3 for 25 € which he quite liked. In the side-bar they say they’re following Les Grandes Bouches, 78, rue de Levis in the 17th, w
  11. It is probably wildly unfair to suggest that the restaurants run by Constant are like those of his culinary children and grandchildren but surely some things rubbed off.Thus one could consider those of the "children:" Pur'Grill Restaurant- Jean-François Rouquette Chez Michel &Chez Casimir– Thierry Breton Le Clos des Gourmets – Arnoud Pitrois Laurent - Alain Pégouret L’Os a Moelle, Les Symples...., La Cave..... & Le Barbezingue – Thierry Faucher La Regalade, Le Comptoir – Yves Camdeborde & Bruno Doucet Le Repaire de Cartouche & Cafe Cartouche – Rodolphe Paquin Le Restaurant→Le
  12. Update on the Dogwood and Alizee The Dogwood remains an absolutely splendid place with innovative cooking and exemplary service. Visitors to this topic often stay in Inner Harbor hotels and justifiably are reluctant to venture far afield (even though it’s only a 20 minute cab ride) but now that Galen and Bridget Sampson have opened a Mini-Dogwood at the Women’s Industrial Exchange at 333 North Charles Street, (410) 685-4388, their food is closer by a long shot. It’s only open to the public for lunch but they’ll do private dinners. In any case, our meal, with Christian Delutis at the piano,
  13. Francois Simon posted a video on his blog showing a resto that I couldn't identify, completely empty, saying it's sad. It looked a bit (in the dark) like Les Bouchons ex-Francois Clerc, now Le Restaurant de Philippe et Jean Pierre, 7, rue du Boccador in the 8th,, which is open Saturday night, but I wasn't sure.
  14. Chez Georges on the rue du Mail in the 2nd. ← Francois Simon, on his blog today lauds Georges, rue de Mail near the place des Victoires where he’s been coming for 20 year but warns that the Breton chef, Alain, will soon be retiring, so hurry up if you want to go.
  15. Sorry that I forget to cross-reference the report; I may induce Colette to try it again next week.
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