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  1. Hi All, Heading down to ATL for the Final Four and looking for some recommendations on good eats - prefer the local cuisine. So far on the list is Ruths Chris for dinner one night and South City Kitchen for brunch. Looking for some good local eats for lunch, dinner etc...We are staying north of downtown on Powers Ferry Road, so any restaurants in the hotel area or downtown is what we would like! Thank You.
  2. On a very cold day in Jan 2011, EGullet member Kobi and I embarked on our fifth "food day". The first four can be found at: This time we took a bunch of friends on the trip....it was an amazing day of eating . Here are the places we went to with a few pictures from each: DiFara Totonno L&B Spumoni Gardens Motorino
  3. Thanks to everyone for all the information - on Saturday afternoon we ended up going to Gatlin's BBQ - what an amazing experience. Between the friendly service and absolutely delicious food I highly recommend this place! This is quite possibly the best brisket sandwich that I have ever had - and the sides, dirty rice, cole slaw, and baked beans were all amazing as well. I am going to have to make another trip top Houston soon just to get back to Gatlin's!
  4. Thanks so much for the reply - we'll be staying in Sugarland any good restaurant recomendations for a really nice Sunday Brunch in Sugarland - particularily interested in Tex mex in the area of Sugarland near our hotel. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, and to further clarify really looking for a solid BBQ spot!
  6. Hi All, Myself and my family will be heading to the Final Four this weekend. Our flight gets into IAH airport at 1:15 PM and we want to get some food prior to the games which begin at 5PM (I believe) - are there any suggestions on restaurants that we can go to that will be on the way from the IAH airport to Reliant Stadium? Looking for some local places - no chains please! Thanks!
  7. Any news on when it will be open and if there is a website? I hope that they have the Pecan Crusted Chicken!
  8. Has anyone ever been? Our family has been going for years and now it has recently closed down - does anyone know if the one in orangeburg is as good - specifically the chicken parmigana?
  9. any more updates on this place?
  10. Looking for some great dining options in Bethlehm, PA near Lehigh University for a Saturday night - any and all recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Hi All, Myself anf my wife will be headed up to Jim Thorpe for 2 nights - since this topic is pretty old are there any updated restaurant recomendations? Thanks!
  12. Any information on this??? I thought that they were planning to open in fall 2010?
  13. Hi All, After just having returned from a trip to Puerto Rico I sampled some delicious puerto rican cuisine and one of my favoruites was pionono (spelling?) which was ground beef baked in a sweet plantain. Does anyone know where I can get this in the NYC area? Thanks.
  14. Having been a big fan of the former Citrus Grille restaurant in Rockland County, NY I was wondering if anyone had any information on when and where the new restaurant is opening up in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. Thanks.
  15. Any info on Vieques - will be there in a few days for a week long vacation. Any and all dining recommendations are appreciated!
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