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Beer Glassware


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I was paging through my copy of 'Michael Jackson's Great Beer Guide' the other day, and there's this glass in there I've been trying to find. I can't even find a picture of it to link up to, so I'll have to describe it. It's a footed, tulip shaped beer glass without any engraving or writing on it. It's featured several time throughout the book. The book says that all of their glasses came from the breweries themselves or German glass maker Rastal. I checked their site and couldn't find it.

So my question: Does anyone know who makes this glass and where to buy it? Also, are their any online or offline retailers for beer glasses that you like?

Thanks for the help!

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There are two types of Tulip glasses:


The one on the left is probably what you are describing, a Belgian Tulip Glass. The one on the right is the UK version, and what Google will give you loads of if you just search for a 'Tulip beer glass'. I Googled for 'Belgian beer glassware tulip' and got this page that has a few (scroll down to the bottom for the Jopen Tulip Glass, though there are a few more on that page that will also suffice). I'm afraid I can't help with the 'unbranded' part, if that matters to you. If you find some cheap ones please post back because I'd like to get a few more (those two glasses above are the ones I use the most.)

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Superior Supply has a good, not great, but reasonably large selection of glassware. Actually, I buy all kinds of stuff from these guys. It's cheap. It's well made. I like them.

Beer Glasses

Brooks Hamaker, aka "Mayhaw Man"

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The tulip glass on the left of the picture that TongoRad posted is similar to what I'm looking for. I want something unetched or unmarked. A plain, unbranded tulip glass.

I've already checked out most of the sites that you guys posted, but thanks for trying to help me out.

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That Pils glass is nice. I'm gonna have to head out to C+B and get a few.

Riedel does do a beer glass in its overture line, and it isn't cheap. beer glass. It's not really a tulip glass, though.

I did find the contact for an american distributor for Rastal glass. I'm gonna call him and see if he can help me. I'll keep you posted.

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Last weekend I acquired at an antiques show a horribly water-damaged book called The Official Mixer’s Manual, by Patrick Gain Duffy, copyright 1949 (first publication 1934)

PGD includes pages upon pages of illustrations of glassware I've never heard of before, including the following:

--Cut dot Pilsener (the only one I've seen used modern day - tall glass that tapers to a short stem and foot.

The following all look like wine glasses, with slightly different shaped/sized bowls:

--Pear-shaped Beer goblet

--Beer goblet (looks like a red wine glass)

--Balloon-shaped Beer goblet

--Beer goblet

--Ale glass or Champagne (Looks like a standard Champagne flute, with a longer bowl)

--Bass Ale (tall bowl with a flat bottom, atop a short stem and foot)

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