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  1. Pappys. Had a big belt of 20. Two actually. I am feeling a bit better today, but you never expect friends who are younger than you are to go away.
  2. Mayhaw Man

    Steven Shaw

    I have spent the majority of my day thinking about Steven and the effects that my friendship with him had on my life. Steven Shaw changed my life. He was one of the most giving people that I have ever encountered and I am blessed to have known him. My sympathies and thoughts go to Ellen and P.J. Though I haven't posted here in years, today I will and it's gonna be a long one because eGullet is where I think that this should go. I used to get alot of crap from Steven about starting fights and angry conversations on eGullet just because instead of typing a post about cake or something, I woul
  3. So, I am spending my evening in the cold climes of the far North (Durham, NC) and making my stupidly complicated coconut cake and Ann's Caramel Cake (mentioned above). Both are, and will still be. better than your little rounds of dough and goo smooshed into a pan. That is all. Thanks for listening.
  4. So, I was in town this weekend for, what was to become, a way too short and way too painful kind of thing to recount (Thanks, Delta and the God in charge of weather in the ATL. Hopefully, you'll get that straightened out shortly). But, I did go to the Methodist Church mentioned on Sunday morning. It's beyond gorgeous. And, happily, in my short visit, get to see my house, my hood (and I live in what most of you would call the hood) and my friends. Life ain't so bad-even if you do spend the night on the floor of Hartsfield, We still ain't back. Earl (oil to you Northerners), theiving politicia
  5. I believe you and I have talked about this before, but Jiffy is nothing to be ashamed of-ever. On the other hand, I have alerted the child welfare authorities in your area about your suspected child abuse-this, of course, is based on your decision to keep delicious, much needed, Little Debbie nutrition from your brood. (I myself am particularly partial to Nutty Bars (can eat a box between two pretty close exits on the interstate) and Fudge Swirls. Also, kinda love Oatmeal Cookies, but only a few at the time. They are seriously heavy duty). That being said... How bout our boy! He took Murray
  6. Mayhaw Man

    Superbowl Food

    Me, here in North Carolina, it's all about red beans and rice, cornbread, biscuits, killer local greens and roots to go with them, turnip casserole, acorn squash, roasted pork parts (and it's really parts-mixed bag from a new processor friend) and whatever else the other folks show up with. Turbodog, Amber, NOLA Rum, Sazeracs, whatever. Oh, and I'm making Jack Leonardi's chicken liver thing from Oak St. Delish. And for all of you Minnesotans (you know who you are-I know you ain't at the Cabin), I'm sorry, but we have no time to hear any entertaining tales of lutefisk and such. Good food only.
  7. When I was working in Ireland building a running a brewery, guys used to stop by and, just like over the years, in Louisiana, at Abita , they would eventually getting around to mentioning that they might have a little poteen in their car. Sure enough, it's pretty much just like American shine-meaning it might be delicious, it might be not much, and it might taste like estery gasoline. Nevertheless, as with all home distillers, they always thought that their stuff was the best in the land. In Ireland, as opposed to the US, Poteen is mostly still made just because they know how and for the hist
  8. Making coconut cake for a dear friend's birthday party tonight. And, since I had all of the gear out anyway, making a mayhaw pound cake for me. And, while I am thinking about it, it's BIRTHDAY CAKE that is served for a birthday celebration, not Birthday Pie. People, there's a reason for that...
  9. Bingo. You win a prize! We (Luke, in NOLA) have a pretty extensive list of house stuff. When learning how to make them, we require that folks use jiggers into dry glasses. Once you do it about a million times, you know exactly where it should be in the glass and when we are busy (almost every night) things speed up dramatically when the jigger is put aside. Stuff where it's important to measure always, like Caiprinhas (mainly because we use freshly mooshed cane juice) and things that require juice and liquers in exact amounts (think Aviations with Luxardo) need to be measured to get a quality
  10. Gilligan's Love 2 oz. Amber Rum (I used 3 year NOLA Rum) 1/4 oz. Luxardo Marischino 2 oz Champagne 1 1/8th inch thick slice of fresh ginger 2 dashes Regan's Orange bitters Muddle ginger, along with the Regan's and the Luxardo in a cocktail shaker glass Add rum and shake dry Add ice and shake some mo'. Strain into a martini glass, top with champagne and decorate with Luxardo cherry (or a cheesy American Marischino if you don't have the good stuff). Enjoy.
  11. Here you go. My friend Robert, cocktail nerd that he is, happens to be spot on with this one. http://www.smallscreennetwork.com/video/28...cx_3ywfhuma4091
  12. Nice report. The shrimp guy has changed locations, as he used to be over on Claiborne and MLK by what used to be Wagner's Meats (You can't beat our meat!). He isn't just selling them, he is the guy who catches them. They are, always, caught the previous day and his wife makes him drive from Cutoff to NOLA to get rid of them at a premium price compared to what he gets at the docks. That premium price is usually around 5 bucks a pound for 16-20's. A serious bargain. My DC restaurant paramour has made big buddies with the guy. To get those shrimp, in that shape, unfrozen, in DC would cost her 2
  13. On that basis, you'd have to include Emeril's. ← Without Paul Prudhomme coming up with all of the stuff that he did at Commander's Palace, Emeril would not exist as he does today. K-Paul's should be on the list.
  14. All of my hanging basket tomatoes are doing well, thanks. I'm not sure why I didn't figure this out years earlier, but they are just a vine and, when placed through the sides of hanging baskets, they look cool and make like crazy. Also have the whole herb grouping in, okra is doing great, as are the squashes and other orbs. Off to a good start.
  15. Ice tea by the gallon for 3 or 4 bucks a pop. Maybe it's where I'm from or something, but it cracks me up to see people buying jugs of iced tea. Hell, you don't even have to boil water. Just get some tea bags, a jug, and some water. Stick it in the sun. Waalaaah! Tea. A gallon of FRESH tea for about fifty cents.
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