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  1. If it is the amount of grounds in coffee you would expect Turkish / Greek coffee to be off the charts then?
  2. 2 fairly unique restaurants that reflect the ethnicity of Miami: If you have never been Versailles is a Miami classic: Versailles We really enjoyed this place Tap Tap(we went in the evening when there was live Haitian Music but I think it is open for lunch. Food was excellent and the art work (everywhere even on the bathroom walls) is amazing.
  3. How do you get a reservation? I emailed info@roganics.co.uk last week and did not get a reply.
  4. We are planning a trip to the Grenadines ealy next year. Plan is to start in Carriacou then putter around the islands in a catamaran eventually winding up in Grenada. Question is - where would be good stops for good food? - all budgets and styles considered! Looking for places with good local ambience as well as perhaps one or two of the fine dining category. Any recommendations greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. How so? the grey squirrel is a relatively recent invasion from N America I thought. Wouldn't the traditional one have been red?
  6. theakston

    Beer Glassware

    Michael Jackson flogs his own glasses now so it's probably one of these: MJ Glass set The global beer site that this is on has pretty much every Belgian Glass you could ever want. (click on glasses on the left to bring up the sub-categories)
  7. theakston

    Belgian Beer

    Orval Fantome (various - love the "Hiver" and "Pisenlit" especially) Cantillon ( various - all of them spontaneously fermented with wild yeast) love them all from their staple Gueuze to the "Rose de Gambrinus" (sour raspberrry lambic) - I'm particularly fond of their all malt version - "Iris") Chouffe - love the relatively new ultra hoppy "Dobbelon Tripel IPA" De Dolle - (the Mad brewers) Orbier, Arabier and "Dulle Teve" (Crazy Bitch) Stille Nacht (Christmas Ale) is always excellent too.
  8. OK I was looking at a Tivo recording of an awful progam about Marseille on Travel channel that it had helpfully recorded for me(thanks) - half way through it advertized that this show was on that same night July 3 (10 PM) - now sadly past. Is it going to be repeated on travel channel or must I kill myself?
  9. theakston

    Singha Beer

    The "malt liquor" was never really a malt liquor at all, it was always a lager and was labelled a malt liquor because of regulations related to the ABV - some places insist that any beverage made from malt that is above a certain ABV be labelled as malt liquor. So I would be suprised that there was any difference between the two other than the label. (malt liquor as a beer style commonly refers to a lager that has the ABV pumped up by other fermentables, usually corn, with little to no hop presence - Singha is really a strong lager and is an all malt brew)
  10. theakston

    Chocolate Bock

    The Brooklyn Chocolate Stout is usually excellent too!
  11. At least that's a better bet than our current choices like Cap City or Gordon Biersch, which are odds-on to blow chunks. ← Word. I've found you can do relatively well at District Chophouse. Taking into account all the local brewpubs, I think it has the best quality beer and food combo. Shame they haven't run Cask Two in years or I'd be there a hell of a lot more often. ← Now that Bill Madden has got most of the kinks sorted out, I'd say that Founders in Old Town has the best brews in the area. I'd agree that the food at District Chophouse is probably the best for a brewpub. I think the other RockBottom franchises(Arlington and Bethesda) have better beer though. (Although DC's Bourbon Stout is consistently good).
  12. Taberna del Alabardero has one of the nicest looking private rooms I've seen in DC. The food was excellent on the occasions I've been there (although it's over a year now).
  13. theakston

    Craft Brewed 40s ...

    I bought a couple of these from the dogfish pub in Rehoboth in May. It wasn't that good. A little too much corn and not enough of de malt for my taste. Bottle conditioned! smoother than you may expect for a malt liquor, slightly sweet rummy aftertaste with just a hint of diesel fuel. Virtually no hop flavor. OK Its not awful but I could find no reason to drink this other than the novelty value.
  14. Damn it I'll be in Italy! One of these days I'll actually be in town when an event takes place. Ah well.
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