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  1. mattohara

    American Red Beers?

    ithaca cascazilla http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/651/18721
  2. I can't wait for the response to this one. Sygyzy have you looked through this forum at all? and also, isn't it "syzygy," not "sygyzy?"
  3. Skip Waterworks. I opened that place and have eaten there after I stopped working there; I'll leave it at that. It's good for a cocktail on a nice summer day.
  4. Hey Rich! I had my first Stone Vertical Epic, the 09/09/09 at Tap and Mallet here in Rochester. An almost syrupy dark brew, very little head. It had a bit of the raisin flavors without being overly alcoholy. 9% i think. Very very nice. Then I looked them up on eBay and found that 02/02/02 is going for auction starting at 900$!
  5. I bet Lew Bryson is going to get elected to office over this. What a great platform to campaign on!
  6. mattohara

    Beers to Age: A List

    great recommendations everybody, thanks! i'm going to start keeping a list of beers to look out for. good calls on the lambic/gueze side, my girl loves sours. we both love barleywines so i'll remember to look for those too. i saw a Harviestoun up there too and i know that exists at Beers of the World, so maybe that's a next pickup. hey feedmec00kies please pm me if your hubby has stuff up for sale.
  7. I just bought a house so I'm going to be putting together a beer/wine cellar (and a dry-cure room, but that's for a separate topic). What beers are you putting away for a few years? Here's what I've got so far, how much it cost and the quantity: Mikeller Black 16.9 oz (19$) Dogfish 120-Minute 12 oz (2@9$) The Bruery Autumn 25.4 oz (8$) De Struise Black Albert 11.2 oz (2@9$) Brooklyn Black Ops 25 oz (23$) I plan on getting some Dogfish Raison D'Extra and Worldwide Stout and some Russian River brews (probably on eBay). What else should I be on the lookout for?
  8. http://thepopchef.blogspot.com/2010/02/yelp-greatest-hits-this-week.html ^in particular and this quote:
  9. They didn't run out of bread, they expect you to shoot the oil/vinegar using the little paper cups (I know because I asked). reposted from the Midtown Lunch forum: BANGIN! Just opened today. It's a nice big open space with sit-down service or takeout sammies, pizza, etc. The wine boutique is a little odd and it seems to me that it would be beneficial to open up the bar with some stools and beers, but maybe it was just not open cause it was the first day. Chef Vetri was in attendance to give props to his buddy, who was sternly managing the pass but taking time to pose for photos with celeb-hungry lunchers. Also in attendance were people whose last names were Money, a dude that looked like he managed the construction of the place, and me and my scruffy buddy, all jazzed about a new CC lunch spot. When you walk in there's a long counter for cheese and charcuterie punctuated by a sammich-ordering station. There's a whole array of olive oils and vinegars that you're supposed to sample out of little paper cups. You hang around and taste the tastes, while people behind the counter ask a few times if you've been helped, and eventually you get a bangin' sandwich. The prices are 9-10 dollars and this is where things get tricky. This is a once-per paycheck sandwich, whereas Old Nelson is definitely around a 4 hits every two weeks. This sandwich was killer all around (the Italian, and my buddy got the Spaniard), but when you get back to your cube and you open it up, and there's no chips, no pickle and you realize that you forgot to buy a drink, 10$ seems like a lot for a takeout sandwich. My broke-ass aside (Marc Vetri has the rest of my money, damn him) this is a killer sandwich. The brioche was fresh and crunchy, the hot coppa was either in very small quantities or missing, but the sandwich was fine with bresaola and warm taleggio, some peppery greens and lemon confit for a tang. Just a great great sandwich. Feb 16th 2010 at 3:04 pm
  10. Devil's Den does have a great happy hour-half off all of their amazing drafts, but I have to disagree with the food recommendation. I know they're changing chefs, and he's reworking the menu, but the last thing I got there was some 1/2-inch thick deep fried greasy "masa" cakes with bland pork sandwiched between them. Very strange. There are much surer bets in the city; stick with the beer there for now.
  11. Stoudt's! and then Rice and Noodles has pretty great pho when you get to lancaster.
  12. Chick's is very nice, but it's a small and busy space. I'll second the Friday Saturday Sunday rec. Upstairs towards the front of the building; watch out for the step up! Go early to make sure you get it. Good luck!
  13. Thanks Holly, I'll have to get out there to check that one out. Here's a Moe's dog with their Pepper Hash (and onions and hot mustard): It is a fine mince and sweeter than the one at Johnny's Hots. This was nice but I prefer Johnny's. And here's their version of a Chicago-style: It does have the celery salt but is not on a poppy-seed roll, jalapeno instead of the little peppers, and no lime-green relish. It's pretty good but not the same thing at all. And here's my Supper Dog: I really liked the dog and the bun, but not the onions. I actually thought they seemed a bit off but my lady disagreed. Barbecue pickled (we asked, and indeed that's what they are) onions with sauerkraut is a pretty potent combo. I think the dog should be served just swaddled in bacon, with the onion and kraut on the side. The pickles are great but could benefit from a thicker cut or having a whole fried spear, like I've had elsewhere.
  14. Back to Moe's! This time we had Champ's Vanilla, as well as Cherry, various 25-cent Utz chips, a Connie Mac and a 2-Alarm with jalapeno, chili and bacon. The mac-and-cheese on the Connie Mac is great. It's thick, cheddary and buttery, though a little dry. Some mustard may help. 2-Alarm refers to the amount of time the dog is deep-fried. I heard from a friend that 3-Alarm leaves you with a shriveled dog so I opted for the 2. The bacon would have been better if it was really crispy. Bob I admire your fortitude; that's a lot of dogs in a day. I think to overcome the liquid smoke heebie-jeebies you should hide the flavor with bacon-y smoke and chili-smoke and jalapenos, the way I did. You're right though, those rolls really do make a big difference in how a loaded dog holds its own. Next time I'm trying their peppered hash. I now have a comparison point, after having it at Johnny's Hots. Oh, and lunch for two, including chips and drinks, for $10.59? I'll take it! They're bringing in new t-shirts in black and red next week, just in time for the holidays.
  15. I think Moe's uses a Dietz and Watso all-beef frank.
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