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California Farmers' Markets

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I buy peaches and other stone fruit from Tenerelli Orchards who bring peaches to our local farmers market from June into November.

Here's the sign in their booth that shows the varieties of yellow peaches.  The first on on the list is a cling peach, all the others are freestone.


Last week, I got June Lady and June Flame.  This week, there were lots of Fancy Lady and the July Flames were just starting.  O'Henry is my favorite, but they are all good.


Yesterday, my power was out for an all-day, planned outage.   Last year, when they did this, it was out until 9 PM and my popsicles suffered badly so I picked up some dry ice for the freezer, then packed up the peach popsicles I made last week and brought them down to the guys working at this stand. They were very appreciative. 


From other stands, I bought corn, parsley, dill, green beans, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, 3 kinds of heirloom tomatoes and blueberries.


Out of curiosity, I bought a box of these little cheese rolls.  


They're maybe 2 bites, sold in a box of 30. Bake from frozen in ~ 15 min. Gluten-free because they are made from yuca or cassava flour.  I have no need to eliminate gluten but when tried them, I thought they had a nice chew that's usually missing from GF baked goods - maybe it's the cheese 🙃.  




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It was a blessedly cool morning. My phone was buried in bottom of my bag. We got there as set up in progress so chatting was easy without a crowd. Just tomatoes, corn and stone fruit (yellow & white nectarines and pluots) for me.  Had too much at home to justify proper treatment of anything more. Oh there were decent sized Hass avocados for $1 and I got one. Same farmer had these adorable little dragon fruit - like goose egg size. He said they were the flouro magenta inside. After too many disappounting dragons I did not indulge this time but they were cute. Many farmers come down  from the central valley and they said the smoke issue from our fires was intense. One young one said "well at least we are coming to the rainy season" - entire surrounding crowd shrieked and said pretty much "in your dreams unfortunately!!!"

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Just ate some of the best corn ever (and I really mean that!) from the Temescal farmers' market in Oakland. Bicolor, small perfect kernels, incredibly sweet. Also got, and I think this is a first for me, peacotums. What, you ask? A cross of peach, apricot and plum. Very good. Also some very fresh raw peanuts in the shell, which I plan to boil and serve as an app when my brother in law comes for dinner tomorrow night, along with cute little carrots and purple radishes from the market. Dinner tomorrow will also be mostly from the market haul: we are making two pizzas, one with radicchio and tomato, the other with that same corn and baby zuke ribbons. Peacotums for dessert? 


I am very attached to some of the vendors at the saturday Berkeley farmers market, but the Temescal market has generally better prices. The corn at the Berkeley market was selling last week for a dollar an ear! It was good, but the Temescal corn was even better and selling for 50 cents an ear. 

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