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How to cook a burger at home.


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Answering the question about what to include besides the meat, egg and seasoning:

Always a couple of slices of crustless white bread, soaked in water to every 1 1/2 or so of ground meat. Squeeze the bread; add an egg or egg beater; chopped dill or parsley. Chop the slop thoroughly before adding meat.

Now, my favorite choice of meat is to select a whole brisket when it is on sale, or flank steaks, and have the following transaction with the butcher. First, make eye contact. Then politely ask the butcher to grind it ONCE. Continue to make eye contact. The butcher must realize you are not kidding. If he grinds it twice, I leave it in the case. ((You can tell--it won't be even when ground once)) This technique usually produces curiousity and respect from the butcher. He will remember you and it will be easier the next time.

The taste is divine, and the bread/egg mix keeps the pattie together. I have no special technique for the actual cooking, other than to have the skillet hot enough so that butter turns slightly brown.

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