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  1. sabg

    Tube pan vs bundt

    I am not much of baker but making an apple cake ....can I use a bundy when is calls for a tube PA
  2. sabg

    baking substitutions

    I am looking to sub cocnut oil for vegetable in a cake, would it be the same measurement ? And also to sub applesauce for eggs ..some told me 1 cup of applesauce for each egg, that seemed like a lot to me ....can you help me out ? Thanks much
  3. sabg

    Baking soda vs baking powder

    I am making corn pudding and people were talking to me and I lost focus and added baking soda instead of baking powder 1 tsp.....can I salvage it ? Should I add baking also ? ....pls help ?
  4. sabg

    Cooking whole tenderloin

    I am attempting a whole tenderloin for the 3rd expensive time... Each to Time over cooked .... I have gotten v diff suggestions...:425 10 mins per lb and 350 n 10-12 per lb... Both were over done.... Any help ? This is my last attempt at 20 a lb .... Thanks so much
  5. i am making a couple of bread pudding for xmas and have been told they freeze v well uncooked...when i want to cook them do i thaw first ? thanks much
  6. sabg

    Onion overload

    i have 20 lbs of onions...what to do ? what to do ?
  7. sabg

    What can you really freeze ?

    if i make gratin stuff today (sunday) and it keeps till thursday..will i still be able to use for leftovers during the thanksgiving weekend....these are probably basic questions but i have always had the fridge freezer space n time to do the day of
  8. sabg

    What can you really freeze ?

    i am trying to get a jump on thanksgiving. i haven't been feeling great and am trying to make ahead as much as poss... cauliflower gratin green bean casserole (my first time) oyster stuffing traditional sausage stuffing do think i can make any of these tomorrow and freeze without lose of texture...i have always just made the day before and reheated but may not have that luxury this year
  9. sabg

    Roti – what flour is best?

    I make roti with white and whole wheat flour...can u also get a good consistency with besan flour ?
  10. i am making a new falafel recipe that calls for potato starch...do you think i could sub besan flour ?
  11. sabg

    Pumpkin oatmeal cake

    thanks so so much...heading to the kitchen now...i'll post a pic
  12. sabg

    Pumpkin oatmeal cake

    reduce the animal product...dont think i can eliminate
  13. there is a greek restaurant near me that i love and they do a mashed chick pea spread with oil and garlic and some lemon that is delish...i always od on the warm pita...they leave out the sesame
  14. sabg

    Pumpkin oatmeal cake

    i am making an oatmeal pumpkin bundt...i had latkes over the holidays and the cook subbed applesauce for the egg and it was totally delish...the recipe i have calls for 1 cup of butter and 4 eggs...how much subbing do you think i could get away with ?? i would first like to get rid of the butter...maybe half applesauce then half oil ? i am not a baker but trying
  15. i just made a million muffins (not quite) and some cranberry n pumpkin breads for thanksgiving...trying to get ahead of the game and now realize its only monday...should i freeze them or just put them in fridge or bag on the counter.....the time for this question was before the oven went on but need help, thanks