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hook for turning grilled meats


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some time ago


lf courier here  , at some point 


there was an item , meant to flip steals or grilled meats


w a hook on the end.  it came in too sizes .


any one remember this  , or have one ?



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Sounds like a BBQ tool perhaps. They slap their meat around.


I'm reminded of Thomas Keller's injunction against tongs for meat, which he felt bruised the protein. Seems silly and arbitrary to me.



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yes , that sort of thing


but an earlier version


and a bit higher end.


had a tiny hook on sm and large


some sort of blond hardwood handle.


probably lost traction when copy stuff came out.


it just ...


driving me a bit mad i don't remember it


and it was years ago


4 ? or less ?


somebody did have the set and posted a pic here 


maybe only once,



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