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What time do you eat dinner/supper?


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You can put me down for eight-ish...

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So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

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Nowadays I aim for between 7 and 8.  I grew up with two different times - home during the school year dinner was about 7 and summers at my grandparents' NC farm supper was about 6:30.  The NC time was late by Southern small town standards, I'd guess, but my grandmother worked full time and didn't get home until around 5:30.  And she cooked everything from scratch and never asked me or my grandfather for help.  


Mr. Kim grew up with dinner at 5-5:30 and I discovered that when we first got married he thought that the reason I was serving dinner so "late" was that I was just a disorganized new cook.  When he was informed that I was planning for 7pm, he was appalled.  😁

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Ours has definitely trended earlier over the years. Because of my job, we are often out evenings (the whole family), and leave early. On nights we are out, we make plans that dinner is ready to eat when we get home - 8-9pm. Sometimes that means picking up drive through rubbish...


When we're home, we'll eat between 5 & 6pm.


Amazing how your body changes over the years. Staying up until 11-12 used to be normal and easy. Now we're wrecked by 9pm. I'm usually up between 3:45-4:15am so that's part of it I'm sure.


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