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FREE controllers (2). Previously used for Sous Vide


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These items are FREE though I may want you to reimburse me for postage. PM me if you're interested.
My original sous vide setup involved one of these controllers plus a dumb slow cooker (electric on/off, no fancy electronics)--the kind of thing you can buy in a garage sale, or new costs $40. The slow cooker is plugged into the controller which will turn on and off power to the slow cooker.
This setup is adequate for a 4+ hour cook, but not something fast like fish. In those days my favourite things to cook sous vide were multi-day tough roasts.
Auber Instruments WS-1500 ELPM
This was my workhorse. "This is a versatile temperature controller to have in your home. It can be used for various applications such as Sous Vide cooking, controlling an electric smoker, making yogurt, dough proofing, controlling the temperature of a table top toaster oven, or converting a fridge to a low temperature incubator for beer fermentation or sourdough storing."
Auber Instruments ECT-100
"This is an economical plug-n-play controller that can be used for Sous Vide cooking, and other low temperature control applications (<221°F or 105°C). It offers PID mode for heating control,as well as on/off control mode for either heating or cooling. The PID mode is suitable for precision temperature control such as Sous Vide cooking."
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