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Need Guide on Pan Searing Steaks

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On 5/19/2020 at 3:10 AM, weinoo said:

We shared a 12 oz. steak (NY Strip from D'artagnan) for dinner Saturday night.


This is steak I'm in the middle of cooking to medium rare on a thermometer.  It's being cooked in a classic (i.e. made in the USA) All-Clad Master Chef stainless pan, over moderate heat, after heating the pan to moderate high. First side, well salted, was like 2 minutes, then flipped every 45 seconds or so. Made a pan sauce while the steak rested. Also added whatever juices the steak exuded while resting to finish the pan sauce.




It has a nice (no, not perfect) crust. It was quite good, even though I failed to take a picture of it once plated!


Oh wow that looks nice and thank you for the tips, i will give this a try... preheat with medium high and start searing with medium low heat :D


Thank you very much

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I like to use a flat, Lodge cast iron griddle on my gas grill.  I can get it screaming hot.   This is a 50 day, dry aged, prime grade rib eye from Pat LaFrieda's meats.  Presalted and left on a rack from early morning until evening (about 12 hours).   Made sure surface was dry before putting it into the skillet.  Well seasoned pan, very hot (>550 deg F) and got a nice crust.







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