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  1. Hi Yes i have read but it is not answering my questions, but no worries i already found the way to use it from youtube 😊
  2. Hi guys im back and now i have my own Thermapen Mk4 as per recommended by this forum i have few questions in mind and i cannot find the perfect answer from google 1. When should I start inserting the thermometer into the steak? Is it after 2 mins of searing or etc? 2. I tried experimenting putting the thermometer after 2 mins and 30 secs, the temps are lower than what i want (im targetting 125F for Med Rare but i got 119F), what should i do? a) i flipped the steak once and sear for another 15 secs... the temps past 125F... i failed b)
  3. Oh wow that looks nice and thank you for the tips, i will give this a try... preheat with medium high and start searing with medium low heat Thank you very much
  4. oh Thank you!!! Finally atleast what i did make sense 😁
  5. So i tried using the medium to low heat until the pan start smoking.. then i start searing the steak as i normally did and i tried 3 different batches to prove my theory.. all around 6 mins and 30 secs and flipped every 30 secs The result .. batch 1 is medium, batch 2 is medium-well and batch 3 medium well and almost well done So my verdict is that the pan will get hotter every minute.. and using medium-low heat can also be used to sear steak as long as you heat the pan first until it is smokin hot.. am i on the right path with this method or it is always go
  6. Hey all, i just purchased a new lodge 12inch cast iron skillet yesterday, i tried cooking my steak as i normally did before and i dont know how and why, using the new pan burned my steak... i think the heat dissipation on the pan quite different than the previous ... so how can i counter this issue, is it possible to use medium-low heat after the pan has been heated using medium-high heat?
  7. yea im plannin to get the thermopop but it is impossible during this pandemic season and no we dont have a reliable thermometer in my country.. so shud i stick with thermopop or thermapen? hiring a chef sounds easy but not in the pipeline as we just started, maybe once we established further then this can be the option, anyway, about the steaks, we are trying to limit atleast 10 per day so we can manage everything perfectly, so far so good but yea i really need that thermopen/pop now
  8. Ok im experimenting poke test at the moment, only slightly getting the hang of it but i saw some poke test includes medium well, some not, which one is right? Oh no, well done quite easy for me, poking can easily tell, im just curious though because i usually flip every 30secs for 8mins (depending on the heat of the pan) to get welldone... when its hotter it can be atleast 7mins
  9. Ah okay that make sense, so that stuff is normally expensive even in your place? How thick was yours? and how long does it take to be well done? thanks for sharing btw
  10. This is the salt that i used...
  11. so basically u just cut the fat and put it on top of the pan as oil?
  12. Okay just for the sake of curiosity, i bought the expensive Kosher salt to experience myself with "generous season" I dont understand, i experienced on 2 steaks: 1) I salted generously on the first steak and leave it for 40 mins; 2) I salted generously right before cooking... To my surprise.. both are salty steaks... its less salty than using table salt but still salty.. i mean is that normal? i saw youtube how they salt their steak generously and i exactly follow that and yes they are salty... whats the point
  13. okay sea salt also hard to be found, i have checked.. what is the 3rd option?
  14. okay thank you will give it a try later :D
  15. Ahh okay that makes sense but can you wipe it immediately? since it is super freaking awesomely smoking hot pan after every batch, and time is the essence here Well if you do wipe it immediately, would be great if you can guide me how did u do it? Thank you very much in advance
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