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Sous Vide -Westinghouse WHSV01K

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Did a shop at Costco the other day and came across a Sous Vide Immersion cooker.


Price was AUD $99.00 (about USD $68.00).

Pretty standard features like 99:59 hour timer, temperature range  25C to 95C. 1200W heater (220-240V)

Used it cook a meal (fillet steak) and it performed flawlessly.

Measured the water temperature and it held it within .1 degree of what was set.

Good easily operated clamp.

One slight criticism was that the lower half is stainless steel (good) but this rests against the side of the pot and if metal can rattle a little.

I used a small piece of self adhesive felt about the same size of the outer clamp face on the barrel opposite the clamp and problem solved.

It would be nice if the clamp opened a little more so I could use the my pressure cooker as the pot. Its nicely insulated and it just means 1 less tallish pot in the cupboard.

General price at other stores in Australia AUD $126~$149.

I still have the immersion bath (non circulating) which is easier to use but does take a lot longer to reach temperature but it does have a lot more volume.




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What a change from a few years ago. Lots of SV options at a good price. Good times. 

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15 hours ago, ElsieD said:

Nice buy.  Is the clamp adjustable?

No its just spring loaded. It opens about 1 inch or so. The spring seems quite tight and it does hold fairly well.

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