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Problem with filled/inclusion bars

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Hi all.


My chocolate bars are usually pretty basic, just chocolate with nuts or other flavouring sprinkled on top. Yesterday I had some homemade shortbread lying around and thought it might be nice in a bar. I wanted it to stay crunchy so broke it up and mix it through the chocolate rather than having it on top and exposed to the air. I just did a small amount to see if it would stay crisp, and poured it out onto some parchment. This morning the top looked perfect, but when I turned it over the bottom was covered in oil. It looks like the shortbread pieces sank and created pinholes in the chocolate where they touched the parchment, then when the chocolate contracted it must have squeezed the fat out of the cookie pieces and through those holes. The result was a very tasty snack for me but if that happens on parchment I guess it would do the same if I tried it in a tablet mould. I'm not used to mixing inclusions through my bars but I'm trying to do some more interesting flavors and was hoping this would be one of them. Is this a common problem with high fat inclusions? Is there any way it can be prevented?


I also tried to do a caramel filled tablet and it was a disaster. I treated it like a bonbon mould and tipped out the excess chocolate to form a shell, then filled it with caramel and left it overnight before capping it off. The cap seemed to contract so much that it bent the whole bar into a crescent shape! I was planning to do some with caramel and some with praline like tablets I've seen from French chocolatiers, but how do you get them to stay flat?


Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks x 

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