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  1. Well, I attempted the mice. They weren't too bad for a novice. Wendy I am trying to get a picture so that I can post it for you to see. Just wondering what size tip you use when piping? Mary
  2. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Katherine - I don't actually have molds to make them. They won't be very big at all. I plan on using ganache and pipe them as Wendy suggested. I did make them one other time...but it was so long ago I forget how do do them. I don't have a digital camera or scanner so I am not sure if I can post a picture. Even if I was able to borrow a digital camera I am not sure how to post a picture. I will try though....but no promises. I will give them a try in the next couple of weeks. Cheers Mary - Rookie
  3. Thanks to all who responded. Your advice is very helpful. I will give it a try. mary
  4. I am making molded bunnies for Easter and I am finding that the necks are cracking and the head breaks away from the body. I have noticed that the neck is not as thick as the rest of the bunny. Total grams for this bunny is 200. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rectify this? Oh yeah I didn't mention that after pouring into molds I place in the refridgerator. Any suggestions are welcome! Cheers Mary - Rookie
  5. Anyone out there have any instructions on how to make chocolate mice? Would they have a ganache center? For white would Grandmarnier be a good flavour? Any other suggestions on good flavours for white chocolate? Someone please help Cheers Mary - Rookie
  6. Actually yes, I have also heard of using lecithin. Would this be in the powdered form?
  7. For what it's worth when I was in a chocolate making course I asked the same question of why my caramel crystalizes so quickely. My teacher's response was to remove 30% granulated sugar and add 30% glucose. I tried it and it really did work. If you do try it please let me know if it works for you. Maybe try a smaller batch incase. Good luck. Mary
  8. Hi Josh, To begin with I am no expert by any means, however I have used Callebaut (both semi-sweet and milk & a little white & am happy with it. I have recently purchased a different brand of Belgium chocolate called OCG. I really like the milk as it is really creamy tasting to me. Sorry not much more I can tell you. Good Luck Rookie - Mary
  9. Eliot, I don't own a Revolution 1. What I meant by comment was that it seems to do such a small quantity, where I am looking to do a larger quantity than what this small machine can handle. Mary
  10. Okay, You have all convinced me. I will continue to perfect it by hand first. Thank you Mary
  11. Alana, Yes, I have purchased polycarbonate molds (Chocolate World). So for the most part I won't be hand dipping. I will mainly be using ganache filling. I have purchased some flavourings by Loranne Gourmet. I also make cherry cordials with handmade fondant as well as caramel centres too. Any idea what the best caramel would be to use (loaf melted or liquid)? Thanks, I think all of you have convinced me to keep doing it by hand. I do use the stovetop method. Mary
  12. Hi Timothy, Thanks for the info. When you say budget ... less is best I wasn't even looking at spending $1000 for what I need it for. However it seems to be better than the Revolution 1 which is about $425 less and pumps out a lot more chocolate at one time. I am just starting a small truffle business. I do understand that the parts for the ACMC are easy to get which are good. Actually where I was looking at buying it they fix them too. As far as tempering by hand...I would love to be able to but with me it is hit and miss unfortunately. Mary
  13. Steve, Thank you for you reply too. No I would not be using the machine day in and day out. Someday I hope to be a pro but for now in am only a rookie (that's why I chose this name!). When I mentioned cost ...that would be $950 Canadian dollars NOT US dollars. I have found a place that sells them locally but I am open to suggestions and other brand names. Mary
  14. Alana, Thank you for your reponse. I am starting up a very small business for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day and Easter primarily. Unfortunately I find tempering by hand somewhat difficult at times, this is why I am looking for a tempering machine. You say there is a chocolate demo running right now? Where and when? I am interested in details. I wish I was a millionaire but not as of yet anyway. Maybe someday. Haha Thanks again Mary
  15. I am looking to purchase a tempering machine. Something small to do up to 10 lbs. What do you recommend? What is the ACMC like and any suggestions on where to buy in Toronto area to save on shipping or other places are welcome too. Is $950 Canadian a good price? Thanks Rookie - Mary
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