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Wine Lists

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Hi guys,

I'm keen to hear what your favourite wine lists are, and why!

Links help - I'm loving the Hakkasan lists at the moment, and the Portland london one - the layout is pretty fun,




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Dutch wine is one of my favourite fine. I don't like wines so much but when i visited at one of the bar in Amsterdam and drank there then i found it very tasty.

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I was just using Mark Oldman's list of value wines for a while ($20 or less)


Now I'm checking out Robert Parker's list (where cost is $20 or less) 


so recommendations were good and some not so good


interested to see if there is a better source list of recommendations that's reliably good all the time at an affordable price 

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I like Oz Clark




he presents three wines these days on James Martin Saturday Morning , a  GB  TV show.


some of the terms he uses make more sense to me than standard jargon


Ive tried grape varieties based on his descriptions and enjoyed them.


his list for a specific bottle probably only work for GreatBritain.


the crew at my local TJ's has several people that know they wines they are selling.


they know what I like so Ive found some very tasty wine at very good prices there.


and you can take the bottle basck if you don't like it.    I try not to do that very often if at all.


they have also opened bottles for me in my price range  ( < 10 USD ) it they think they are close to something I might like.


they know a lot more about what they are selling than the overall group at Total Wine.


one thing about TJ's :  they buy very large lots of wine that they think suits their clientele .


then when sold out , its sold out !


they had a Macon-Ige a while back for $ 9,98.    and extraordinary wine for the price.


I bought several cases I like it so much for ' week-end wine '


thought of buying some more , then it was gone !

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