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  1. bos

    Breakfast 2019

    That look so good
  2. There was a time i used to eat pizza for launch every day for few month, can't do it anymore
  3. Any In and Out Burger like in NYC, I visited LA and I really like In and Out, was eating there almost every day (total 3 days), I was wondering if there's something similar to In and Out in NYC ? Thank You
  4. Avocado toast is very popular, There's a lot of talents in this forum, Thanks Guys 🤗
  5. bos

    Lunch 2019

    Here goes my beach body 😉
  6. Pad thai, Pad thai, Pad thai
  7. On my way to the store to buy chips 😋
  8. bos

    Potato Chip Flavors

    I tried the wasabi ginger one and it was ok, they are still around ?
  9. I though whole foods will lower prices after amazon acquire them, but it's stayed the same prices for most of the products
  10. I will check on groupon
  11. bos

    Dinner 2019

    Looking good and tasty 😋
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