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  1. ZeroDosage

    Wine Lists

    Hi guys, I'm keen to hear what your favourite wine lists are, and why! Links help - I'm loving the Hakkasan lists at the moment, and the Portland london one - the layout is pretty fun, F X
  2. It would be great to see Castle Terrace Restaurant in Edinburgh awarded a star http://www.castleterracerestaurant.com/ Easily the best meals I've had in the city last year - head and shoulders above some of the other starred establishments in the city.
  3. Oh, they were nauseating. At least he kept the questions simple for them.
  4. I will be spending 4 days (3 nights) around Colmar in May and am unsure as to where to start. As a sommelier I have a good knowledge of which wineries I would like to visit, but am a little confused as to how the transport system works in the area. Unfortunately I will be travelling solo, and would rather not drive. Is it possible to walk around the region? Or even walk one way and taxi back with minimal effort? My French is of a good standard and I would be happy to make use of buses if they exist. All I can find right noware local Colmar buses. I'm hoping to visit Riquewihr, Kayserberg, Turckheim and Eguisheim in particular based on the wineries (primarily!) and the monuments there. Any tips/hints are welcome, I have the big names down, some smaller wineries and some co-ops, but any personal recommendations would be super. Also, I've seen the restaurant perspective in the French dining thread - any good wine bars?
  5. Yes yes yes! A thousand times YES!
  6. Everything about the Witchery, sans the decor, has always been a terrible disappointment. Food, wine and service are all dreadful. Then the bill comes and you feel really very sick indeed. It's a shame, because The Witchery is a name that does get bandied about so much, and working in hospitality I get asked about it a lot. I always divert the conversation to the myriad of better, and often cheaper restaurants that still care about what they're doing. At least you didn't go to Rhubarb, then you'd really be spitting feathers!
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