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Shrimp/prawn chips and other kerapuk


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1 hour ago, KennethT said:

These are the same as we had before.  They're great.  I will say that once the bag is open, they don't last long. For one reason, we eat them way too fast, but after a several hours outside, they did absorb some humidity.  We have one more bag that I've hidden away for a nice surprise for my wife... she loves them!

Thanks this is great to know. I did try these today, they’re pretty addictive and I should eat them sparingly! :



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9 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

You think those areaddictive, try these (or other) chili and lime flavored.


Yes, in the store there was that flavor as well as a few others.  I've never seen flavored chips in Indonesia - not that they don't exist, I've just never seen them in my limited experience there.  Usually they're served with meals and dipped into some type of sambal, of which there are typically a few on the table.

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