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Home Coffee Roasting


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Ive gine through several generations ns of


roasters :


CafeRosto , iRoasto  (  names might not bow exactly correct )


a Behmor  i used to roast for my sister ....


it ' moved on ' to a ' reluctant roaster  ( now not quite a fanatic )


roasting my own coffee 


and going to SweetMaria very very early on 


vastly improved my morning cup


F.D.:  while in college , I visited friends in HJ


took a bus to NYC


and started walking from the very low numbers to the much higher ones


along a street or Ave.


in the Lower are , mished and mashed


there was a small place . called the Perfect Cup 


a Cup hung over the walkway on a carved sight 


walked in


first time I saw gore coffee beans ( theatrically displayed 


' in the sack '


but the aromas there were unbelivable


Perfect Cup  had a book


got it way back when and learned a lot.



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I tried my new Popper the other day.


I was going to take some pics , but I think


the various vids @ sweetmaria do this machine 


better justice.   its exactly as they say




watch the videos .


ive been roasting for almost 20 years


and I enjoy it.    that's the key


and I get the coffee I personally like.


if you've had ' The Perfect Cup '


anywhere   and remember it


and would enjoy roasting 


( several things required : mostly ventilation )


this is a worthwhile entry point.


N.B.: it roasts 100 grams   // time


how much coffee is that  in the cup ?


21 grams is the standard amount for a double espresso.


a drip cup ?


I have no idea.




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4 hours ago, rotuts said:

21 grams is the standard amount for a double espresso.


a drip cup ?

I use approx. 1.75 grams of coffee per fluid oz of water…an 8 oz. water boil gets 14 grams…

Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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I think the Popper is an outstanding 


roaster for a beginner .


w the extra coffee  ( a wise investment , at a discount )


its about $110 or so .


and I didn't realize it was invented , it seems , by Tom @ SM.


there are issues w home roasting  ( ventilation , etc )


that you might not be able to control  


the previous entry system was the PopcornPopper


$ 20 @ SM.    the videos point out some limitations


of the roast from an AirP{popper , which i had not thought about.


if you are fairly serious about home roasting


and haven't tried it.


this system is a serious notch above anything else


as  a beginners system.


dont forget :




and no , I don't work for SM


met them a couple of times


and liked them and their approach to green coffee a lot.

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I look at it this way :


1 ) how much do you like and enjoy coffee ?


coffee,  maybe w a little sugar  , maybe a little milk // cream 


that's it .


2) have you had   ' a perfect cup '


it's a cup that was so much better than any you recall having


3) ventilation / balcony etc OK ?


and you've enjoyed quality roasts , local or


mail order  ( cautions here )


and enjoyed their differences ?


than its for you 


you have to enjoy the roasting itself


or its just another chore.



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Updated to add another green bean supplier 




used them recently and the prices were excellent and the coffee arrived quickly in gallon sizes ziplock bags.  Quality wise didn’t notice any difference from my usual suppliers 

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