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Home Coffee Roasting


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Ive gine through several generations ns of


roasters :


CafeRosto , iRoasto  (  names might not bow exactly correct )


a Behmor  i used to roast for my sister ....


it ' moved on ' to a ' reluctant roaster  ( now not quite a fanatic )


roasting my own coffee 


and going to SweetMaria very very early on 


vastly improved my morning cup


F.D.:  while in college , I visited friends in HJ


took a bus to NYC


and started walking from the very low numbers to the much higher ones


along a street or Ave.


in the Lower are , mished and mashed


there was a small place . called the Perfect Cup 


a Cup hung over the walkway on a carved sight 


walked in


first time I saw gore coffee beans ( theatrically displayed 


' in the sack '


but the aromas there were unbelivable


Perfect Cup  had a book


got it way back when and learned a lot.



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I tried my new Popper the other day.


I was going to take some pics , but I think


the various vids @ sweetmaria do this machine 


better justice.   its exactly as they say




watch the videos .


ive been roasting for almost 20 years


and I enjoy it.    that's the key


and I get the coffee I personally like.


if you've had ' The Perfect Cup '


anywhere   and remember it


and would enjoy roasting 


( several things required : mostly ventilation )


this is a worthwhile entry point.


N.B.: it roasts 100 grams   // time


how much coffee is that  in the cup ?


21 grams is the standard amount for a double espresso.


a drip cup ?


I have no idea.




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4 hours ago, rotuts said:

21 grams is the standard amount for a double espresso.


a drip cup ?

I use approx. 1.75 grams of coffee per fluid oz of water…an 8 oz. water boil gets 14 grams…

Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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I think the Popper is an outstanding 


roaster for a beginner .


w the extra coffee  ( a wise investment , at a discount )


its about $110 or so .


and I didn't realize it was invented , it seems , by Tom @ SM.


there are issues w home roasting  ( ventilation , etc )


that you might not be able to control  


the previous entry system was the PopcornPopper


$ 20 @ SM.    the videos point out some limitations


of the roast from an AirP{popper , which i had not thought about.


if you are fairly serious about home roasting


and haven't tried it.


this system is a serious notch above anything else


as  a beginners system.


dont forget :




and no , I don't work for SM


met them a couple of times


and liked them and their approach to green coffee a lot.

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I look at it this way :


1 ) how much do you like and enjoy coffee ?


coffee,  maybe w a little sugar  , maybe a little milk // cream 


that's it .


2) have you had   ' a perfect cup '


it's a cup that was so much better than any you recall having


3) ventilation / balcony etc OK ?


and you've enjoyed quality roasts , local or


mail order  ( cautions here )


and enjoyed their differences ?


than its for you 


you have to enjoy the roasting itself


or its just another chore.



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