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Neighborhood Kitchens season 2

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Neighborhood Kitchens, a PBS WGBH production will start its season 2 today:


you can see these on line if you like. I have not seen todays ep. yet so cant say if they have improved the show or not.

for me its fun to see local restaurants, but I think the show in the past would be much better if the hostess knew a little more about cooking.

for me its good to see a few of my Tax Dollars ( 15 Apr coming up ) being returned to the Community.

OK, 50 cents or so.

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Rotuts, thanks for reminding me of this show. I watch little tv and lost track of it. The first few episodes were pretty good but I agree with you about the hostess.

Also sad that local station WGBH doesn't know the difference between South Boston and the South End neighborhoods--your link to the first espisode featuring Myers & Chang places the restaurant in both of them (it's in the South End). Semantics unless you actually want to find the place. It's good, too, I've been a couple of times.

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this was one of their best shows: take a peak as how the Chef makes the dumplings!\

I agree that the PBS as an institution has lost its way: why not pay attention to your local area?

Beets me! they also delete various cooking show, including local ones ( Simply MIng ) for their Pledge week when why not

put them on their own Hard Disks and not lose a show for their Pledge Weeks?

Julia would be ............... for what PBS has become.

45 cents here!

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