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Storing Salted Eggs

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Shortly before my mother left for her 4-month stint "back home", she bought some salted eggs. I think she had planned to bring them with her, but she forgot. She says they were the best salted eggs she's had in a long time.

I'm not going to eat them, but I'd like to save them for her if I can. Options:

Leave out in the open until she returns (mid July)--no air conditioning in the house, so room temp may be relatively high by mid-July.


Freeze--in shell or out?

Which option will provide the best result? (i.e. least degradation of product)

(FWIW, I thought there was a similar topic, but could not find it.)

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Wow. I think that's pretty hard decision on how to preserve it. I guess they will not be okay to eat in a few weeks or a month. I've tried storing a few salted eggs before in a refrigerator and it got rotten and had a bad smell after a few weeks. How about experimenting some recipes where you can use some of those salted eggs?

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