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  1. I called QualityMatters.com to order my VP112 and they have a $15 off coupon code for Egullet members - It's EG-VP112. I don't know if they ship to Canada, though.
  2. That looks really great! I read the thread from the start.
  3. Wow and it is worldwide. That's horrible.
  4. threestars

    Dinner! 2012

    Had this for dinner the other night. My bestfriend cooked it. Crispy Pork Sisig
  5. threestars

    KFC 2012–

    Never tried it yet. I think KFC offers different menu to other countries. So if it will be offered in the US, I am not sure it will be available worldwide.
  6. It sounds great according to the replies and I want to see the photos as well, but it seems like I can't see the pictures. It returns an error page. Hope I am not out of topic, but I wish I could see them too. Thanks!
  7. Wow! I love bacon and egg! I made this yesterday for my breakfast: Spicy Stir-fry Pancit Canton with Tuna
  8. I also like to have appliances or a kitchen with stainless all over. As for now, I can't see any big disadvantage of having it aside from those reasons that it is not magnetic and hard to clean. I guess I have to see it for myself as well.
  9. Hoping to try this out as well. Probably a glass jar will do then.
  10. threestars

    Dinner! 2012

    Those shrimps and mushrooms made me drool! Such an awesome photos!
  11. I haven't tried it yet, but no harm to give it a try.
  12. threestars

    Pan Searing

    Yummy photos. I am not a big fan of oil so i think I won't add too much.
  13. I clean mine every time I use it. I make sure I remove any food off of it. I don't often use it so it's not a big deal to clean every time I use it.
  14. I must agree with Mac n Cheese! I love making that one as well!
  15. Wonderful tips. I love to try this out! Hope I can get some ingredients in the market soon!
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