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Destinations for Culinary School Graduates

Chris Amirault

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16 hours ago, Steve R. said:

So, there we were in Lyon, eating at the Bocuse restaurant/training center in the Hotel Le Royal (I love how pretentious that sounds) several years ago.  Our trainee server was a very nervous (but personable) woman in her 20s, who was trying to get everything just right but finding everything way too stressful.  Wrong silverware, some almost dropped food.  We were supportive... really.   Next thing we know, our soup is being delivered by the Manager/Trainer.  When we inquired as to where she was, he hesitated but then revealed that she had quit on the spot, saying that Front of House wasn't for her.  Maybe I'm imagining it, but I think that this came with a look from him that could've been translated as "what the hell did you do to her"?!  I prefer to think of our role as one of "career counseling".  😎

You'll be fine.  Happy holidays! 

Thank you

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35 minutes ago, Susanwusan said:

Why is it so hard to find a Head Chef these days - some sort of post-Covid effect?  Is it the same the world over or only certain countries?


My friends in the business (i.e. restaurant owners, partners, executive chefs, etc.) all have staff shortages. If you can't hire line cooks, how are you gonna train people to become sous chefs to become head chefs?

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There is certainly a post-Covid effect (in those countries which are in a 'post' stage. Many still aren't.) During lockdowns and other restrictions, restaurants are among the first to go. It's a very precarious industry. Thousands of restaurants never re-open.


Also, during lockdowns and isolation, many hospitality workers have been asking themselves if it is worth the stress and long unsociable hours for, in most caases, little reward. They are seeking alternatives. 


It is everywhere.

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