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  1. I currently don't since it is my first restaurant I ever worked in, so maybe in the future I would write more but currently I don't have but maybe I will write about when i study in a culinary school
  2. Buenas Dia Farcego It is true that Jordi Roca can't speak normally, but you can still understand what he is saying. Yes I have met all the Roca brothers and had a conversation with them. I do have some opinions about them but all of them are mostly positive because they have helped me a lot and gave a chance to learn from them and how their restaurant operates . I have another 3 months internship in another restaurant so I will be sticking around Spain for another year before I go overseas. Cheers
  3. When I completed my culinary school, they sent me to do my internship at one of the best restaurant in the world Celler de Can Roca, just imagine working at one of the top restaurant in the world with no prior experience in a professional kitchen, I was shocked and scared at the same time. When I got to Girona I was nervous, mainly because I was scared of making a mistake, but also because I am with people who had prior experience in the kitchen, it was quiet intimidating for me, I got to meet a lot of interesting people that I got to work with and surprisingly they all helped me out during my months working there. During the first months I was working in the production section, it was difficult at first but once you get used it it was easier, after I worked in carnes or the meat section for 2 weeks doing double shift for those 2 weeks which was exhausting, and after finishing the meat section I went to cuatro frio which is the salad section, and I got to say compare to all the other sections this one was more intense, because you have to do a lot of multi tasking and running back and forward from the freezer, cleaning room or the pantry back to the kitchen. I was sometime frustrated and sometimes excited because it was always back and forward between the different plates in the section. On the final day or the final service I was sad because I have experienced and changed in so many ways that I didn't expect that I would change so many ways, my personality and physique have changed, all my companions and friends in Celler de Can Roca said I came in as a boy and now you came out as a man. To summarise, working in 3 Michelin Restaurant is intense, a lot of hard work and a lot of patience, sometime you wish you don't want to go to work or want to sometimes cry because of how hard it is, but you have to remember that every day you changed and get better then the previous day, and work is work, it is not a game where you can quiet and start over, you have to force yourself and push yourself past your limit, and their will be people who will help you and make you sure you push yourself past your limit.
  4. Just finished Culinary School and now I am nervous because now I have to work in a real kitchen which I have never done before. So I am nervous and excited. Can't wait to see what the future has for me.
  5. Thank you I didn't really thought about those factors
  6. Good Day everyone, I would like to ask since i have no expierence in the restaurant and only in a culinary school, I wanted to ask when do chef start work and what time does it end?
  7. Ingredients 4 Strawberry 1 Whole Kiwi 4 tsp Sugar 1 Cup of MilK 3 Mint leaves (Optional) Equipment Blender Measuring Cup Instruction Peel the Kiwi skins of exposing the green part Combine the strawberry, kiwi, sugar and milk in the measuring cup Blend it together in the blender Ontop put 3 Mint leaves as garnishing Enjoy
  8. I remeber when I did a plating class in a haute cusine program at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona.I had no idea what I was doing because it was my first time doing it. I just started to plate what they thought us during the theory class and once we presented our plates well mines had a lot of problems, and after looking back at it now and comparing myself from then to now, I must say I have improved alot. Well this is what I learnt during this past year and like to share this knowledge with those who are struggling with plating. 1)Color: I learnt that try you are trying to highlight the main ingredient of the food, so find ingredients or color that highlights the main ingredients 2)Contrast: When you talk about the contrast you are talking about the texture of the food, experiment with different techniques and methods andcombine them and see how it workd out 3)Height: when it came to plating I learnt height is something important in plating, Height is important because it draws the client or customer to it first so if you but something ontop of the main ingredient then the product ontop of the main ingredient and the product itself will be the focal point of the dish 4)Spacing: don't get me started with spacing, there a lot of info about psaicng and why is it important but for me the most important about spacing is that you don't want to lump your ingredients and product in one area because then you won't know which is the main ingredent and it will look messy. ''less is more'' is what one of my teacher kept saying to me 5)Placing: is one of the most important things in plating due to the fact that you have to place ingredients carefully so that the customers can tell which is the main ingredients and what are the supportive ingredients 6)Clean: before you plate, you need first clean your plate. After plating you need to clean the area around the dish like the sides of the plate so that they won't look messy 7)Plates: Plates, Plates and Plates! I think the first and farmost important thing to me is the plates, without the right plate you can't plate nothing. Having the right plate at your disposible will make your life much more easier then stressing and thinking on how should I plate this. 8)Draw:Before plating i suggest you draw what you want to do so it makes it easier to visualize
  9. Thank you for the welcoming everyone, this site has already helped me a lot already and I hope to contribute soon after my culinary exam
  10. Good Morning, I am a 19 year old(Just turned in may) culinary student who studies in CIB(Culinary Institute of Barceolona), I am intereseted in all cuisine and all techniques and hope to expand on my culinary knowledge with new people, I hope you can tell me about the cuisine or food your interested and hope to learn from everyone From, Umar
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