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  1. Ingredients 4 Strawberry 1 Whole Kiwi 4 tsp Sugar 1 Cup of MilK 3 Mint leaves (Optional) Equipment Blender Measuring Cup Instruction Peel the Kiwi skins of exposing the green part Combine the strawberry, kiwi, sugar and milk in the measuring cup Blend it together in the blender Ontop put 3 Mint leaves as garnishing Enjoy
  2. I remeber when I did a plating class in a haute cusine program at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona.I had no idea what I was doing because it was my first time doing it. I just started to plate what they thought us during the theory class and once we presented our plates well mines had a lot of problems, and after looking back at it now and comparing myself from then to now, I must say I have improved alot. Well this is what I learnt during this past year and like to share this knowledge with those who are struggling with plating. 1)Color: I learnt that try you are trying to high
  3. Thank you for the welcoming everyone, this site has already helped me a lot already and I hope to contribute soon after my culinary exam
  4. Good Morning, I am a 19 year old(Just turned in may) culinary student who studies in CIB(Culinary Institute of Barceolona), I am intereseted in all cuisine and all techniques and hope to expand on my culinary knowledge with new people, I hope you can tell me about the cuisine or food your interested and hope to learn from everyone From, Umar
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