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The Dungeness crab topic

La Niña

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4 minutes ago, Katie Meadow said:

Do you think it was always the case that NY Chinatowns had live Dungeness from across the country? My parents did not shop in Chinatown when I grew up. There were many  Chinese restaurants within a short walk from our apt and my mother was not an adventurous cook. If memory serves, which it often does not, if Dungeness crabs were on the menu, my mother would have ordered one. The creative mix of culture, habit and memory grows ever more entwined and unreliable.

@MetsFan5, the best technique I learned was to put the live crab in the freezer for just a few minutes after which time they are very easy to handle. 



I don't know if it was always the case, but most any restaurant in Chinatown specializing in seafood would have them.  My local at the corner, Wu's, has a tank full of them right now.  And I'm pretty sure if I walked 10 or 15 minutes, I could find a Chinese supermarket with tanks full of live ones.

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5 hours ago, MaryIsobel said:

I have had good crab cakes a couple of times in my many decades but I would rather buy a Dungeness, make a garlicy, lemony butter and pick and dip. 


We had delicious Dungeness crab in Alaska with a rich buttery dip. Good stuff for sure.


But for me, steamed blue crabs are incomparable. Really good ones have a hint of sweetness like seafood candy.

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